Støldal, Siv


Artist statement

Åpent atelier lørdag 27. april 2019.

Siv Støldal have been working with fashion since she graduated from an MA in Menswear design at St Martins, London, in 1999.
Siv Støldal works in the crossover between fine art and fashion, investigating codes of clothing, often through wardrobe studies and interviews. Main points of interest are the deep relations between people and clothing, when clothing becomes a tool for defining identity, marking occasion, moods and aspirations. As a fully-trained men’s tailor Siv Støldal has a deep knowledge and interest in codes and details defining mens garments, and often creates items that appears to be floating in between classic styles.
Siv Støldal has shown her collections at London, Paris and Oslo fashion weeks and in art institutions in Norway and abroad.
Siv Støldal collaborates with artists, writers and designers as well as companies like Fred Perry and Top Man.
Her work is present in various fashion books and have made commissioned short films for Showstudio ( UK) and Tripple Major ( LA). Siv Støldal has won several design awards and been nominated for best menswear Designer by London Fashion Institute.
Siv Støldal is a regular lecturer for BA and MA Fashion courses at the National Art School in Oslo, KHIO.

Siv Støldal works at Isotop in Bergen, and is one of the founders of the art shop KIOSKEN

Recent projects:
HAIK/w 2010-2017, initiating and running the international clothing brand, a collaboration between Siv Støldal, Ida Falck Øien and Harald Lunde Helgesen.

Deep Down Below, Momentum 9, Moss 17.6-11.10.17
All clothing for film, performances and exhibition made in collaboration with performance artists Trollkrem, Jennie Bringaker og Tor Erik Bøe.

Emergency Eyewash, Tanja Grunert gallery NY. 10.01 – 18.02.17
All clothing made in collaboration with NY Artist Carol Szhymanski and poets Barry Schwabsky, John Yau, Judith Goldman and Tyrone Williams.

Magnus Barfots gate 25
5015 Bergen

Telefon: 90065553


Curriculum Vitae Siv Støldal

Higher Education

1997-99 MA in Fashion Menswear, Distinction 1st class
Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London
1996-97 Kent Institute of Art and Design (1st year of BA Degree)
1993-96 Degree in menswear tailoring at Bergen Yrkesskole
Three years training as a tailor under tailor master, Distinction 1st class
1992-93 University of Bergen, Examen Philisophicum and Art History

Current projects

2018 - Collaborative artshop KIOSKEN
- Design of new uniforms for Sparebanken Vest
2017- - Designer at Siv Støldal
2016- - Lærdal business foundation: project leader for Community Design
development Levande Lokale Lærdal, Financed by DOGA and Lærdal
- KHIO: Projects for BA, MA1, MA2: Zeitgeist and Tailoring/Shirt/ trouser
2010-17 - HAiK /w: Co-Founder, menswear and knitwear designer.
2011-16 - Project leader for Flettverk, a national project to enhance collaboration
between the broad textile industry in Norway. Financed by Hordaland
county council and Osterfjorden business foundation.
2009- 16 - Project leader for the annual project, Essence, at KHIO the National Art
School in Norway.
2009- 16 - Concept and product development for Gjerdet Kulturminnegard,
- Concept developer for Gode Sirklar for projects that promotes
Culture and business.
2009 - Costumes for ‘When Clarity Visits’ choreograph Guy Weizman,
for Carte Blanche, Norway’s National Contemporary Dance Company.
- Design and artistic consultant, Gjerdet Kulturminnegard, Fjell, Norway
- ‘Shhhhhhhh…/Store’, Instigator and Creative director for Bergens first
designer led ‘Pop Up’ store.
- Nominated for ‘shop of the year 2009 ’ by Natt & Dag.
2006 - Capsule shoe collection in Collaboration with Kickers UK
2005 - Capsule collection in Collaboration with Fred Perry UK
- Capsule collection in collaboration with Topman UK
2004 - Capsule collection in Collaboration with Topman UK
1999-2007 - Freelance designer for VOYAGE London


2016 HAiK, S/S 2017
2015 HAiK, A/W 2016
HAiK, Total 2, S/S 2016
2014 HAiK, Total, A/W 2015
HAiK, Recovered, S/S 2015
2013 HAiK Heal it, A/W 2014
HAiK Keep It, S/S 2014
2012 HAiK Going Somewhere Else, A/W 2013/14
HAiK Going Somewhere Else, S/S 2013
2011 HAiK Dress for success, A/W 2012/13
HAiK Dress for success, S/S 2012

2008 Three Wardrobes, S/S 2009
Three Wardrobe boots created by collaboration with Kickers UK
Two Wardrobes, A/W 2008-9
2007 High Visibility, S/S 2008
High Visibility boots created by collaboration with Kickers UK
Greatest Hits 3 collection, collaboration with Topman UK
Cover Up, AW 2007-8
Greatest Hits 2 collection, collaboration with Topman UK
2006 Camouflage Collection, SS 2007
Greatest Hits 1 collection, collaboration with Topman UK
Seasonal Effective Disorder collection, AW 2006-7
Blank Canvas collection, in collaboration with Fred Perry
2005 Sports/wear collection, SS 2006
Dress Up / Down collection, AW 2005-6
2004 Outside / In collection, SS 2005
Disguise collection, AW 2004-5

2003 Lazy Summer collection, SS 2004
Trace collection, AW 2003-4
2002 Scribble collection, SS 2003
Entropy collection, AW 2002-3
2001 Favourite Clothes collection, SS 2002
Scarecrow collection, AW 2001-02
2000 Bob James collection , SS 2001


2017 - Siv Støldal w/ Trollkrem, film and exhibition ‘Deep Down
Below’ for Momentum 9, Moss. 17.Juni – 11.Oktober

- Siv Støldal w/ Emergency Eyewash, Tanja Grunert gallery NY.
10.Jan – 18.Feb

2016 - HAiK exhibition/ show Rod Bianco gallery, Oslo. September
2014 - HAiK recedency at Bergen Kunsthall, 13.Oktober-09.November
- HAiK Exhibiting at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst,TSSK.
- HAiK exhibiting Heal It at Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrikk
2013 - HAiK showing Heal it at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, March

2009-10 -Film ‘ Anywhere but here’ in collaboration with artist Alexey
- Project White T-Shirt in LA in collaboration w Triple Major. The installation
T-Shirt / Tent is exhibited in LA, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Beijing.
The piece was auctioned and proceeds donated to the charity
Designers Against Aids.

2008 - Three Wardrobes at + 46, exhibition at Stockholm Fashion Week
- ‘3 Coats’, film commissioned by and screened at
- ‘2 Wardrobes’, film commissioned by and screened at
- ‘Cover Up a Shop 2’, exhibition at Weekday, Stockholm, Sweden

2007 - ‘High Visibility’, film screened at Sketch Gallery, London
- ‘Cover Up / Sketch’, exhibition at Sketch Gallery, London
- ‘Cover Up’, fashion show at The Old Sorting Office, London Fashion Week,
in association with Topman and Fashion East
- ‘Cover Up / Mountain’, exhibition at Tyssøy, Norway, in association with
Perler I Nordsjøløypa.
- ‘Cover Up / Studio’, exhibition at Three Colts Lane, London
- ‘Cover Up / gallery', exhibition at Dennis Anderson Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
- ‘Cover Up / Fair’, exhibition at Gallery, Copenhagen Fashion Week
- ‘Cover Up / Shop’, exhibition at Kron Kron, Iceland

2006 - 100% Norway Design Exhibition, Truman Brewery, London
- ‘Seasonal Effective Disorder’, Fashion Show at Truman Brewery,
London Fashion Week in association with Topman and Fashion East
2005 - ‘Sports/Wear’ , Fashion Show at Truman Brewery, London Fashion week
in association with Topman and Fashion East
- NO®TH, CONVERGING LINES, a prelude to globalization,
exhibition, Thailand

2004 - ‘Outside / In’, Fashion Show in association with The Purple Institute,
Paris Fashion Week
- ‘Disguise’, Fashion Show in association with The Purple Institute, Paris
Fashion Week

2003 - ‘Lazy Summer’, Fashion Show at Baden-Powel House,
London Fashion Week
- ‘Trace’, Fashion Show in association with Red Bull at Sketch,
London Fashion Week

2002 - ‘Spor I Landskap’ exhibition at Tyssøy, Norway
- ‘Entropy’, exhibition at the Royal Norwegian Embassy,
London Fashion Week

Art Collections and Awards

2015 - HAiK w/ Franz Schmidt. Suit by Siv Støldal collected by National
Museum for Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway

2014 - HAiK nominated for Bergensprisen 2014 by Natt & Dag

2012 - HAIK nominated for Nåløyet

2009 - Shhhhhhhh…/Store nominated for shop of the year 2009 by Natt & Dag

2008 - Winner of + 46 , best designer award in Stockholm
- Awarded Statens Arbeidsstipend, Norway

2007 - Winner of Nåløyet, (Norwegian Designer of the Year, 2007)
- Awarded Statens Arbeidsstipend, Norway

2006 - Nominated for Best Menswear Designer at the British Fashion Awards

2006 - Inflatable suit Collected by National Museum for Art, Architecture and
Design, Oslo, Norway

Bee Wear 2017, Emergency Eyewash at Tania Grunert Gallery, NY
Deep Down Below 2017, Trollkrem at Momentum
Repairs 2014, hand knit, HAIK
Cover Up 2008, MAN, London Fashion week