Spillmann, Schäer

Foto, Video, Installations and more

Artist statement

Åpent studio lørdag 23.september 2023:
Artists in Residence Bergen, USF Verftet Studio 1

Is the journey already a transformation - the wonder about the world,
new insights about ourselves!
"You have to travel to learn," said Mark Twain.

The artist duo Susanne Schär & Peter Spillmann, aka supe from Basel/CH
are often nomadically on the road. Temporary residencies provide them
with important impulses that flow directly into works, projects and
collaborations. Their work is characterized by diversity of media, in
which photographies, videos, objects and installations are placed in
relation to each other within in the context of conceptual works.
In numerous works they have confronted existing situations, spaces and
traces. The subjective filtering of sensory impressions forms the
basis of their artistic work. Observations in the inconspicuous and
seemingly incidental provide them with the source material for
conceptual and associative work processes.

USF Verftet, Georgernes Verft 12
5011 Bergen

Telefon: +41 78 867 81 91
E-postadresse: supe@supe.ch
Web: http://www.supe.ch


We have been working collaboratively as an artist duo since we both
studied new media at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel/CH,
Department of audiovisual multimedia Art (1999 – 2002).

Selection of recent years
2023 PAS DE DEUX (solo show) Redaktion, Luzern /CH.
2022 DĚLÁME TO STEJNÉ / act in same (solo show); Kabinet T / Zlín /CZ
2022 OFFSIDE #1 (group show); Exhibition and Performance Festival, Vaasa/FIN.
2021 PAPIERI, former paper factory (solo show); Biberist/CH.
2021 ECK – Space for art (solo show); Aarau/CH.
2020 NO VACANCY. (solo show); WackerKunst, Mühltal bei Darmstadt/D. (P)
2019 UMSCHWEIFEN (solo show); AXEL OBIGER Berlin/D.
2019 MANCHMAL IST DER HIMMEL BLAU (solo show); AKKU Kunstkiste Uster/CH.
2018 DIGITAL GODS (Festival – group show); DIE DIGITALE 2018, Düsseldorf/D.
2018 DREIHOCHZWEI – eine Versuchsanordnung (solo show); Kunstpunkte
a271, Düsseldorf/D.

2020 ATELÉ STUNDARS – Artists in Residence; Korsholm–Mustasaari/FIN.
2019 – 20 WACKERKUNST Gueststudio – Artists in Residence; Mühltal/D.
2019 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE; AKKU Künstlerateliers, Uster/CH.
2018 a271 – Artists in Residence; Ateliers Höherweg 271, Düsseldorf/D.
2018 ARTS AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION URI– Artists in Residence; Berlin/D.

MEMBRANE (working title) photography, digital montage – work in progress . 2023
PAS DE DEUX Kinetic installation with two indoor plants, a light source, aluminum sheet, "Fresco" - light machine with text gobo,“ Smash" - audio-video on monitor (16:9, length 07'52"), "Dialog" - QR code (wall object - wooden panel painted). Image: Installation view; Redaktion Luzern/CH 2023.
THE MAGIC OF DOING 4 Channel Audio-Video Installation . 2021 Image: Installation view; PAPIERI Biberist/CH.
DANCE FLOOR Intervention . 2014 Image: Installation view; BOTHNIA BIENNALE 2014/FIN.