Rathgeb, Ena Johanna

Letterpress, Lasercutting, Collage, Multimedia

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 18. september 2022 --

I am a visual communication student at the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. In connection with an internship at Bergen Ateliergruppe, I am working with the Dokken i Fremtiden project.

I am interested in terms and sentences used in the context with the port of Bergen and have investigated what happens in the space between: word/meaning, number/weight, the human body/the machines used in the port. Working intensively in the project room at BAG, this room becomes part of the body of work.

I am working with the contrast between poetic texts by Georges Perec and Allan Sekula and the distinctive language of City Development Plans. The results are a series of letterpress printed posters that are intended to be mounted on the fence that separates the harbor from the city. I work with laser cutting, collages, letterpress and multimedia.

Bergen Ateliergruppe, Dokkeskjærskaien 1
5006 Bergen

E-postadresse: enajoh@icloud.com


2020- Bachelor i visuell kommunikasjon, Fakultet for Kunst, Musikk, Design, Bergen

05/2022 Praksisperiode Bergen Ateliergruppe
2022- TYPO WALZ Stipend fra Tyske Blysatsforeningen, prosjekter på ulike verksteder i Tyskland