Millar, Alex Hamish

Sculpture and curation

Artist statement

Alex Hamish Millar is a Scottish artist-curator based in Bergen. His practice includes curated events, installation and sculpture that examines how we relate to technology and the natural environment through narrative, symbolism and the language of museum display.

Den uferdige institusjon, Damsgårdsveien 229
5160 Bergen



Millar holds a Bachelor's in Fine Art from The Glasgow School of Art and a Master's in Fine Art from the KMD, University of Bergen. As an artist, his practice includes sculpture and installation. He has shown his solo work in numerous exhibitions in Scotland and Norway, including The CCA and Market Gallery in Glasgow, Generator Projects in Dundee and the solo exhibition, 'All overgrown by cunning moss' at Isotop Fellesatelier in Bergen. As a curator and producer he worked at Market Gallery from 2017-19, and at Isotop Fellesatelier from 2021-23, producing the exhibition, 'In Search of The Receptionists of The Gentic Salon,' by Bobby Yu Shuk Pui, 'Shapeshifting' by Eli Mai Huang Nesse, and the artist experimental film screening, 'Animisms,' with films by Ursula Mayer, Solange Pessoa and Charlotte Prodger.

'All overgrown by cunning moss,' 2022