Kortner, Helene

Ceramic art

Artist statement

- Åpent atelier søn 24.september 2023 -

I am an artist that builds installations and shapes in ceramics. I like to put figures together to see how they react to each others various expressions when they enter each other`s space, and that becomes an ongoing path I follow working towards a theme that arise presenting itself. Like a small theatre. I am not a charlatan, my work is caused by art, that I build up on and combine. Some times over many years in different layers and returning circuits. Like a storyteller of a fairy tale

Dalsnesvegen 54
5337 Øygarden

Telefon: 96201020
E-postadresse: helene.kortner@gmail.com
Web: http://www.helenekortner.com


C.V. Helene.Kortner
From Skien Born 1966 in Porsgrunn , Norway .
Title : Kunstfags Kandidat. 1995 : Hovedfag in Norwegian / Master of Arts degree in Ceramics. The 16 th of January 1995. 1990-95 The National Academy of Arts Bergen ( KHIB),Norway. Ceramic Institute. Now The Art Academy of Contemporary Art, UIB / The University of Bergen. Ceramics. 1989-90 KIB. Bergen Art School. Bergen, Norway. 1987.88 Art History at The University of Bergen. No degree, changed to art classes, drawing class besides
studies and work. 1983-84 Grenland Folk High School. Subject Ceramics and drawing, and advanced upper secondary school level in common core subjects.
Memberships :
A member of AIC-IAC from 2021. Acacadèmie Internationale de la Cèramique- International Academy of Ceramics.
A member of NK , Norske Kunsthåndverkere – The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts since 1995. Board member NK Vest Hordaland. Norway .1995-98
A member of Atelier Norway. Atelier.no 2020-
A member of VISP , Bergen. Norway.
2021-22 “Blå Korall” Kunstprosjekt Perler langs Nordsjøløypa, Øygarden Kommune, Vestland Fylke, Bergen og Omegn Friluftsråd.
2021 B-Open “ The Fish Bazar” ,“ A Museum Collection Gone Wild” .
2020 B-Open. La Cantina. “ Live at The Museum”.
2019 Galleria Artemisa. La Cantina, Wunderkammer. Test project invited persons/ groups.Sculptures, paintings, small figurine stillives. Showroom outside Bergen, West Coast. Norway. 2017 KRAFT ART / KRAFT KUNST Art Gallery. The Vault Room / Hvelvet. Bergen Norway. 2017 “ Nautilus “ Hvelvet” Galleri KRAFT Bergen, Norway. 2015 “ Fabula “. KRAFT Gallery.The Project Room Bergen, Norway. 2010 “ The Castle of Diana”, Galleri RAM. Oslo, Norway 2007 “ Figurines”, Alta Kunstforening, Northern Norway. 2006 “Catwalk”. A stunt performance exhibition on Scandinavian Winner Cat Show 2006. Oslo, Norway. 2005. The Norwegian Art Unions Galleries. “ IL PENZIONE SENZA NOME”, The first Porcelaine Festival exhibition. Øvre Frednes in Porsgrunn, Norway. 2003 “Buon Natale , Pompeiian Tensions “ Artists Confederation(Kunstnerforbundet) , Oslo in Norway 2001 “Neapolitan Songs “ , at Gallery Format .Bergen , Norway
Group Exhibitions :
2021 B-Open “ The Cats Fish Bazar” Øygarden Bergen omegn.
2020 B-Open .2019- 20 Corallo - . 2018 Atlantis. Installation .Camp USF. Kunstlogen. USF Verftet Bergen. ( The project was canceled due to working conditions ) and by the organizer due to bad weather, as this was an outdoor show room arrangement .
2016 Stilleben, THIS CONTAINS ART. Container project at The 36 th Hanseatic Days at Holbergsallmenningen by art group KUNSTLOGEN. BERGEN.
2014 IN SPE . Kunsthall Grenland. Porsgrunn. The April Exhibition. ArtMeet Gallery Milan. Italy. The March Exhibition. ArtMeet Gallery Milan. Italy. The February Exhibition. ArtMeet Gallery Milan. Italy. 2013 WORLD IS ART. ART IS WORLD.Slideshow December Exhibition. ArtMeet Gallery Milan .Italy.. The 8 th International Biennial of Ceramics Kapfenberg 2013. Galerie KUlturZentrum Kapfenberg, Austria. Galleri Festiviteten. Eidsvoll Verk. Eidsvoll. Akershus. 2012 « TINGENES TILSTAND. ARTendal. Arendal. Norway. Sommer på Mølla. Strømfoss Mølle. 2011 + 2012 Strømfoss Mølle, Halden. 2011 Collect 2011. Saatchi Gallery in London. 2010 ” Hasslich ?” The Atelierhaus Gallery Zaltzamt . Kunst Universitat Linz. Austria. 2007-2009(+?) “ 05 Internationale Keramik Biennale Kapfenberg 2007. Kapfenberg, and touring in Austria. “Triennale, Ceramics and Glass 2007” The National Exhibition of Applied Arts. The Oslo Museum of Applied Art in Oslo, Norway. Touring exhibition into Europe. First Grimmerhus International Studio Ceramics Museum, Denmark. After that other destinations. 2006- 2009 “The Ceramics Symposium Gmunden 2006 “,. European touring exhibition. Spain, Germany, Austria etc. The 7th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics, Cairo. 2005 “The Scandinavian Museum”, FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums . Permanent exhibition. (2005-----) . Fuping in China. “NEXUS”, Dalarnas museum Falun. Sweden. “BREAKABLE ART” The American-Scandinavian Foundation. Scandinavia House. New York.
2004 “International emerging ceramic artists invitational exhibition”, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. 1st. international ceramic journal editors symposium (ICJES) organized by FuLe International Ceramic art museums (FLICAM)
2003 “ Trolls, Figures in Norwegian Contemporary Ceramics “ The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs touring Exhibition . A World wide traveling exhibition . China, Korea, Japan, Poland, Germany, Brazil, USA, Romania etc. .
2003 -2005 “TENDENSER-2003”, The 30 anniversary at Gallery F-15 at Jeløya in Moss celebrating together with The 50th anniversary of The National exhibitions of Norway .Norwegian trawelling exhibition.
2002 “6th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics”, Cairo .
2001 “Festival play Exhibitor", Hordaland Art Centre during Bergen International Music Festival.
“The 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea “, International Competition.
2000 “L`Eurofeu au pays de Liège”.Belgium.
“5th International Biennale for Ceramics-2000” Cairo .
1999 “Norwegian Contemporary Ceramics “, Ceramic Millennium -99 Amsterdam. Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam
1998 “ IN LOCO 98. 4 from the Nordic countries at Risør Art Gallery Norway.
1997 “Ceramic Expressionism”- 7 Norwegian ceramists at The Grimmerhus International studio Ceramics Museum in Middelfart/Denmark .
1996 “ Ceramics 96 ”,-10 ceramists from West Norway , Country section exhibition and Nordic Symposium at The West Norway Museum of Applied Art in Bergen/Norway .
1995 “Nordic Ceramics'',- M.A. students final works , at Gallery Nørby in Copenhagen .
1997-1998-2000 “ The National Annual Exhibition of Arts Craft “, Norway
Collections 2015 KODE ART MUSEUMS. Bergen Norway. 2010 The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Strasbourg. 2007 Kapfenberg International Museum, Austria. 2006 Gemunden International Ceramic Art Museum, Austria. 2005 FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums. The Scandinavian Museum. Fuping in China. 2004 FuLe International Ceramics Art Museums. The Emerging Artists Exhibition. Fuping in China. 2003 The Oslo Museum of Applied Art.
2003 The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2002 Ministry of Culture, National Centre of Fine Arts Cairo. 2001 The West Norway Museum of Applied Art. 2001 Ichon World Ceramic Centre, South Korea. 2000 The Trondheim Museum of Applied Art. 2000 Ministry of Culture, National Centre of Fine Arts Cairo 1999 The West Norway Museum of Applied Art. 1998 The South Norwegian Museum of Arts. 1997 The Grimmerhus International Ceramics Museum, Denmark. 1996 The West Norway Museum of Applied Art
Prizes 2007 Preis der Stadt Kapfenberg 2007. ILLUSION 05 Internationale Keramik – Biennale 07. Kapfenberg, Austria. Winner of the “ Kunsthåndverk ( Arts and crafts) Prize 2007 at the Triennale at Kunstindustrimuseet ( The Oslo Museum of Applied Art). Oslo, Norway.
2000 “Jury prize at The 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics-2000” 2001 “Diploma of Honour , Honorable Mention . The 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea 2002 “Honorable Mention”, The 6th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics -2002”
Grants 2014 Travel Support NK . ArtMeet Gallery Milano. Milan, Italy The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts . Norway. Stikk . The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs . ArtMeet Gallery Milano. Milan, Italy
2012 Statens Garanti Inntekt for Kunstnere. 2008 The one year scholarship for studying. The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts Norway. 2004 2005-2006 The National Scholarship for Artists 3 years 1998-1999-2000 The national Scholarship for Young artists in Norway. 3 years. 1998 The one year scholarship for studying . The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts Norway. 1997-2008- Exhibition scholarship from Arts Council, Norway. Travel and shipment support from The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To Denmark, Korea, Egypt, China( , Austria ( Gmunden, Kapfenberg) 1995 Equipment support Arts Council in Norway and in 1997 from the City of Bergen. 1990 Scholarship for a students study tour, from Sparebanken Pluss, Skien.
Publications 2014 24 ore News Magazine. Milano , Italy. March edition. + Internett. 2006 Gemunden Symposium, Keramik Magazine. Keramik Symposium 2006 Gemunden. Publication of The Association for the promotion of European Ceramic Artists. 2005 “The Pulsating Whirlpool of Life”, Anne Britt Ylvisåker. Keramik Magazin nr. 4. 2003 “Kortners Little Italy”, Astrid Hagen. Kunst for Alle ( Art for Everyone) nr. 6. – ” Helene Kortner and the Banalism”, Astrid Hagen for Kunsthåndverk (Magazin) nr. 1. – ” Clay Based Contemporary Art in Norway”, by Holger Kofoed. 2002 “ Profil. Helene Kortner by Helene Kortner “, Kunsthåndverk( Magazin) nr.1.- 1999 ” Norwegian Contemporary Ceramics”, by Jorunn Veiteberg. 1998 ” Jord og Luft i Rom og Tid ( Earth and Air in Space and Time), by Nina Malterud. 1997 ” Keramisk Ekspresjonisme", by Jorunn Veiteberg.
Symposiums: 1997 Large size wood fired earthenware jars in Halsberg, Sweden. Symposium as a commissioned project made by Blås & Knåda + the Universities of Arts Crafts and Design / Konstfack Stockholm + Gøteborg and Stockholm. For the European Cultural Heritage City of Stockholm 1998. ( Sadly all the works made were destroyed in the firing ). 1998 European Cultural Heritage City Project in StockholmA Wood firing Symposium with Torbjørn Kvasbø at e University of Arts , Crafts and Design/ Konstfack Stockholm . Sweden. 2005“The Scandinavian Museum”, FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums . Symposium and I was invited / sent by Germany and placed among the Swedish group. This is also a Permanent exhibition. (2005-----). 2006 “The Ceramics Symposium Gmunden 2006 “. Also Symposiums with lectures from around the world, not workshop symposiums. 1998 in Risør Norway ( different national and international lecturers), Stockholm ceramic art during the European Cultural Heritage year 1998 ( different international lecturers). Cairo 2000+2002 different international lecturers. Porsgrunn in Norway 2005 different national +international lecturers during the First Porcelain Biannual. And several national and international Symposiums in Bergen.
2010 Das Hässliche / Ugliness. Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria.
Students : 200-2003 Extern tutorial to Master of Arts / MA students 2000-2003 Sabine Pop (Germany) and Annika Lindgren ( Sweden) .At the Bergen National Academy of the Arts Bergen. Norway. Then we moved to the countryside. 2010 Extern tutorial Kunst Universitat Linz. Different BA. – MA. Students
Jury member: The Ceramic Symposium 2008 in Gmunden, Austria.
Og mye er dessverre utelatt.

Blå Korall Blue Coral detail glazed stoneware
Blå Korall Blue Coral glazed stoneware site specific landart
Blue Coral Blå Korall detail glazed stoneware
Cats Parade. Winning awards first prizes for the Scandinavian Winner Cat Show 2006. Glazed Porcelain