Ieremia, Eleni

installation, sculpture, drawing, video and text

Artist statement

- Åpent atelier lørdag 23.september 2023 -

Eleni Ieremia currently holds a studio at Isotop Fellesatelier in Bergen. Ieremia works primarily with installation, sculpture, drawing, video and text, with her works taking their points of departure in ideas about architecture, work, materiality and invisibility.
A central part of her practice focuses on labour,
especially invisible work in our societies, and ways to shed light on our own place within these larger systems of labour.

In exploring the interplay between social structures, materiality and lived experience, her practice is oftentimes based on the social, material orders and untold stories that surrounds her.

She holds a BA in Art History from Uppsala University, a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Bergen, KMD and a BA in Contemporary Art from Tromsø Art Academy. Her work has been exhibited at places such as Studio K,
Kurant Visningsrom, Small Projects, Bergen Kunsthall and more.

Isotop, Magnus Barfotsgate 25
5015 Bergen

Telefon: 41319372


Based in Bergen, Norway
Phone: 41319372

2020-2022 MA in Fine Art, KMD
2017 - 2020 BA in contemporary art, Tromsø Art Aademy
2017- 2015 Idun Lovén
2014 - 2013 Theology A, B (60hp), Uppsala University
2014-2011 BA in Art History, Uppsala University
2011– 2011 Irish Studies - Literature (30 ects), NUIG, Galway Ireland

Solo/duo exhibitions
2023 It Is Not Good To Have Too Little To Do, Nonneseter kapell, Bergen
2023 Holy Hotel, Isotop galleri, Bergen (upcoming)
2021 Everyday Relics, Galleri FI4E at Kode 4, Bergen
2021 I Feel Less Shy When I am So Close To You That You Cant See Me, with Runa Halleraker, Studio K, Stavanger
2020 You had me at Hello, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø
2019 You could call it arctic experience, with Olga Krussenberg, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø

Group exhibitions
2022 Picnic, Bergen Kunsthall, MA graduation show
2021 Zip Friction, Bergen Kjøtt, MA group show, KMD
2021 Vessels, with Bianca Hisse, performance,The Arctic Agency for Environmental Research Methodologies and Artistic Practice. Curated by Failure, Understanding, Care (&Kunst), Tromsø
2020 Post-Exit (The Gardens of Liminality), Mack Øst, Tromsø
2020 Matter, Distance, Prøverommet, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2019 Earthly Delights, Small Projects, Tromsø
2019 Konstruksjon av en ny kropp, Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø

Selection of collaborations/participations
2021 Performer and collaborator, Soft Play, by Bianca Hisse and Shahrzad Malekian,
Vårscenefest, Tromsø
2021 Performer, Fight Fire With Fire, by Bianca Hisse, Andøy

Public art works
2018 Error, Permanent installation, Handelshøgskolen, UiT, Tromsø

Isotop Fellesatelier, Bergen

2022 Bergen Kommune, Etableringsstipend
2022 Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet 2022 BKH Kunststudentstipend

Selection of publications
2022 Interim, AVART Fanzine
2021 With Our Hearts In Our Mouths, Publication, Open Out Festival 2019 Error, NORK Magazine

It is not good to have too little to do, Nonneseter Klosterkapell, 2023
It is not good to have too little to do, Nonneseter Klosterkapell, 2023
It is not good to have too little to do, Nonneseter Klosterkapell, 2023