Haugsdal, Gurdish

multi-media - redesign-ceramics and illustration to public art

Artist statement

Gurdish Haugsdal also known as Dish is a multidisciplinary artist from London, now living and working in Bergen.
Her striking work and strong style has been described as feminine yet juxtaposed with distinctively dark lines and tones.

Her projects vary widely in discipline and scale, from miniature hand-painted intricate illustrations upon ceramic plates to painting large-scale images directly onto the glass windows, interior walls and outside on public facades. Her work often depicts women from a feminist perspective.

Ivar Aasens gate 12
5007 Bergen

Telefon: 463 16197
E-postadresse: gurdishhaugsdal@gmail.com
Web: http://www.gurdish.com


Middlesex University - London
BA Visual Communication Design
- First Class Honours
Chelsea Collage of
Art and Design - London
Foundation Art and Design
- Merit
Brentford School for Girls -London
A’Level Art - A
GNVQ Business and Finance
- Merit

Bergen Kommune Profesjonelle kunstog
kulturtiltak - Gatekunst og graffiti
Bergen Kommune Profesjonelle kunstog
kulturtiltak - Gatekunst og graffiti
2021 Bergen Kommune
Profesjonelle kunst- og kulturtiltak - Design 2021
Bergen Kommune
Aktivitetstilskudd til kultur- og fritidsorganisasjoner for barn og unge 2021 med Kunstlogen

Since moving to Bergen from London, I have worked as a freelance artist with a
focus on large scale painting direct to walls, printmaking and recycled / re-designed
ceramic art. Which have also been integrated into workshops for both adults and
I enjoy collaborating with creative individuals and organisations and have worked
on various projects, ranging from Community Street Art projects to helping
organisations like Kunstlogen put together their annual Kunst og Design Julemarked.
Clients include: Bergen Kommune, Bergen Rådhus, Norsk Sykepleierforbundet
Sundt Motehus, Loddefjord Bibiotek, Impact Hub, Made in Bergen
Hyssingen Produksjonsskole, Kustlogen/ Kunst Julemarked and Frelsesarmeen.

Åsane Folkehøyskole - Digital Animation Teacher
Period: Jan 2022 - June 2022
Position: Vikar Digital animation teacher and Valg Fag Art teacher
WORKSHOPS (age range from 6 - 21 years old)
- Street Art workshops - Os / Bjørnafjorden Kommune
- Street Art workshops - Åsane Folkehøgskole
- Street Art workshops - Fridalen Skole
- Street Art workshops - Slettebakkenskole
- Street Art workshops - Vikar - Fusa Vidaregåande skule
- Upcycled and redesigned ceramic art. - Bergen Kommune Bibliotek
- Upcycled and redesigned ceramic art. - Bergen Kommune Lykke Pill
- Upcycled and redesigned ceramic art. - USF / Kunstlogen Sommer Skole
- Drawing and Portrait painting. - OS Kyrkje

- Kunstlogen - Kunst- og designjulemarkedet i Bergen 2017-2022
Working as part of small team to help realise an important cultural events.
Where we bring together Designers, Artists and Kunsthåndverkers in one place
and open a market where the public get to meet the artist and buy directly
from them. We work as a formidler, bring artists to the customers.

- Sundt Motehus - Decor team (from 2016 - 2021)
I lead a small team where we regulary (once a month) create the design and
change the window display. Task´s range from conceptualisation, research on
materials, building displays, painting backgrounds and creating a visual story to
help enhance the merchandise on sale.

LONDON (2002 - 2015)
ATG Media, London
Period: January 2014 - June 2015
Position: Production Designer
Shaw and Skerm Design - London
Period: May 2007 - June 2013
Position: Studio Manager and Designer
CDCards Company - London
Period: July 2003 - May 2007
Position: Junior Designer
Slave Animation - London
Period: May 2002 - May 2003
Position: Assistant editor

Artist picture with re-design ceramics project
Collection of re-design ceramics
Silkscreen print of Kim Friele
Mural - public arts project which puts a spotlight on Strong Women and their stories. location Slettebakken Skole