Gouzikovski, Victoria


Artist statement

-- Åpent søndag 24. september 2023 --

Victoria Gouzikovski har atelier hos Bergen ateliergruppe på Havnelageret. Inngang ved rundkjøring O.J.Brochs gate. Gyldig ID (fysisk førerkort, nasjonalt ID-kort eller pass) påkrevd for inngang på havneområdet.

My practice engages architecture and aesthetics, and examines hegemonic undercurrents within the visual, affective, and material languages of architectural forms, often using architecture as a way of diagrammatically analyzing cultural and social structures.

This critical practice is “constructive” in the sense that it both critiques existing structures and develops new structures that speak a similar yet differently-oriented language of the studied forms to modulate their meaning and impact. In this way, my theory- and research-driven work primarily arises through two practice-specific mediums: exhibitionary installations that combine exhibition design with the contemporary art installation, using the “display” format as a way of modulating the content of artistic research, and art-architectures, that aim to present alternative spaces.

Bergen Ateliergruppe, Dokkeskjærskaien 1
5006 Bergen (bring ID to enter ISPS zone)

Telefon: 92053327
E-postadresse: vgouzikov@gmail.com
Web: http://www.alternative-formats.com


Victoria Gouzikovski is a Bergen-based transdisciplinary artist that has been working internationally. They completed their bachelor degree at San Francisco State University and their master at University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design (KMD).

In recent years, Victoria has done artistic research in various parts of Norway, Vienna and the Wachau region of Austria, in Croatia, Denmark, as well as the United Kingdom including both urban and, more recently, rural spaces of England and Scotland. Victoria’s work tends to be site-specific and long term, and therefore most projects derive from longer research periods in related regions. Having previously worked as a designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Victoria’s artistic work combines elements of exhibition design and scenography with contemporary art, creating works where the framing environment is prioritized over the artistic content, and sometimes take on the forms of the studied subjects (often buildings). More recent projects include a semi-permanent art-architecture in the Geirangerfjord and a research-driven installation-display at the world’s oldest working post office in Sanquhar, Scotland. Currently, Victoria is working with rural structures and ideologies within the language of vernacular forms.

Reflective Fortress, 2020, Bergen, Norway
KMD Architecture and the Neoliberal Aesthetic, 2019, Bergen, Norway
The Romance of the Abandoned Cabin, 2023, Geiranger, Norway