Bergschneider, Daniela

Textile and ceramic

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 23.september 2023--

My work explores the relationship between textiles and ceramics in hybrid sculptures that challenge human perception. The materials employed oppose each other in texture, substance, and visual appearance. It is in this duality that my artistic practice lingers between the organic and the synthetic, the animate and the inanimate, the strong and the fragile. I am interested in creating ambiguous feelings in the viewers through shapes that feel familiar and alien at the same time.

With textile and porcelain I use two materials that are easy to identify but still allow for transformation in such a way they seem alien to the viewer. In my works the textile material, resembling skin, and porcelain elements, reminiscent of bones, create a skeletal structure that blurs the boundaries between the inside and outside.

Geogernes Verft 10
5011 Bergen

Telefon: 92082159


Daniela Bergschneider
born 1986 Paderborn, Germany
lives and works in Bergen


2018 - 2020: University of Bergen, The Art Academy, Norway, Master of Fine Arts
2012 - 2015: University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany, Master of Arts (Textile design)
2009 - 2012: University of Paderborn, Germany, Bachelor of Arts (Fashion-Textile-Design and Linguistics)


2024: Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer, Norway (Upcoming) (Solo exhibition)
2023: Hyperhaptic, Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway, (Upcoming) (Solo exhibition)
2023: Hyperhaptic, Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, Norway, (Solo exhibition)
2023: Vestlandsutstillungen, Haugesund Billedgalleri, Haugesund, Norway
2023: Vestlandsutstillingen, Jugendstilsenteret, Ålesund, Norway
2022: Årsutstillingen 2022, Annual exhibition for material based art at Drammen museum, Norway
2022: Remnants of the Future, Officnet, Kopenhagen, Denmark
2022: Stemmer, Tekstilindustrimuseet (MUHO), Galleri Salhus, Bergen
2022: Archive of morphing bones, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway (Solo exhibition)
2022: Mellom, The Art Academy, KMD, Bergen , Norway (Solo exhibition)
2021: MUTA, USF Visningsrommet, Bergen, Norway (Solo exhibition)
2021: Årsutstillingen 2021, Annual exhibition for material based art Sørlandets Kunstmuseum,
Kristiansand, Norway
2021: Hybridia, SOFT Gallery, Oslo, Norway (Solo exhibition)
2020: Project Network, Apple House Gallery, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center,
2020: Årsutstillingen 2020, Annual exhibition for material based art, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø,
2020: MA2020, KODE Museum, Bergen, Norway
2020: Vinduutstilling, Gallerie KRAFT, Bergen, Norway
2019: Exempla 2019, Munich International Crafts Fair, Munich, Germany
2019: What if, Galleria Academija, Vilnius, Lithuania
2018: Contextile 2018 - Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal
2018: Sobre el Pudor, Galeria el Nogal, Bogotá, Colombia
2017: WHITE BIONICS, Art Academy Mainz, Germany
2017: KunstStoff-TextilArt, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2017: Was ich weiß, was ich schwarz, Kunstmuseum im Marstall, Paderborn, Germany
2017: Wiederholung, Mianki Galerie, Berlin, Germany


National Museum, Oslo
KODE Museum, Bergen
Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim

Oriri (Green), (Detail), dyed nylon fabric, porcelain, tied 2023,Photo: Øystein Klakegg
Gewächs III, dyed nylon fabric, handshaped porcelain elements, tied, 100 x 70 x 20 cm,2023
Exhibition view Hyperhaptic, Buskerud Kunstsenter, 2023
Studioview, Daniela Bergschneider, photo: Dale Rothenberg