Alireza, Masoud

Drawing, paper, graphite and magnet

Artist statement

- Åpent atelier søndag 24.september 2023 -

I work with drawing and aim to challenge the limits of drawing. Additionally to the classical materials of drawing, I experiment to add natural forces, like, magnetism, gravity, and so on, to my drawings. My current project focuses on the dynamism of drawing in a way that communicates with the audience through the physical presence of the audience.

I saturate both surfaces of a paper with graphite and they appear both as hard and can be reminiscent of metal, but also as light and floating. They will be spread and held up by magnetic force in the room and float in space. They can communicate with not suitable places for presenting works. Corners, gabs, empty spaces, columns, etc. They look like shapeless and strange creatures suspended in space, weightless and confused, and seem lost their way and moving in the room aimlessly.
The audience can create movement in the works by moving in the room. The works are both in that they are installed as sculptures, and in that the surface is processed and monotonous. In this area, the audience experiences the challenges of the boundary between three-dimensional space and the expectations of two-dimensional visual perception. Through this experience, audiences are invited to explore the dynamics of sensory experiences and immediate interpretations. They experience a sensual contradiction through the work. The works appear heavy, solid, hard, ironness, and stable in their visual experiences but when the audience moves around the works, drawings start to move by airflow. This movement happens only through the physical and actual presence of the audience around the work. With the movement of the drawings, the audience becomes aware of the lightness, weightlessness, frugality, and instability of the works and finds themselves in the contradictory moment of their own sensual experiences.

M17, Møllendalsvien 17
5009 Bergen

Telefon: 46574346


Masoud Alireza Møllendalsvien 17, Bergen 5009, Norway
1985, Tehran, Iran 0047 46574346

2018-2019 University of Bergen, Post graduate program, Bergen, Norway
2016-2018 University of Bergen (KMD), Master of Fine Art, Bergen, Norway
2012-2014 Emam Sadegh University, Bachelor in Graphic Design, Babul, Iran
2004-2007 UCNA, University of Nabi Akram, Graphic Design, Tabriz, Iran
2001-2003 IRIB school, Decoration, Custom and Makeup Design, Tehran, Iran

2023 Vevringutstillinga, Vevring, Norway
2023 ‘Between substance and Image’ Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien, Norway
2023 Vestlandsutstillingen, Norway
2022 Årsutstillingen, Drammens museum, Drammen, Norway
2022 Middel, Nye-bokboden, Bergen, Norway
2022 Eighty-six centimeters, Hordaland kunstsenter (HKS), Bergen, Norway
2021 Untitled, CLB Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2020 Anti-krig Festival, USF, Bergen, Norway
2019 Greenlightdistrict Festival, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, Norway
2018 Under the Bridge Festival, Public Art, Bergen, Norway
2018 Friday The 13th, Bergen Kunsthall (KODE), Bergen, Norway
2017 Public, Space, Private, CLB Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2017 Corners, Drawing-Installation, KMD, Bergen, Norway
2016 Drawing House, Tehran, Iran
2015 Art Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2014 Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 Drawing as Thinking, Ariya Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011 Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Drawing House Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Sonduzi Museum, drawing biennale, Tehran, Iran

Selected stipends and funding
2023 Stipend, Norskebillekunstnere (NBK), Bergen, Norway
2022 Diversestipend, Kulturrådet, Bergen, Norway
2022 Norskebillekunstnere (NBK), Bergen, Norway
2021 Stipend, Norskebillekunstnere (NBK), Bergen, Norway
2021 Project support, Kulturrådet, Bergen, Norway
2021 Project support, Norskebillekunstnere (NBK), Bergen, Norway
2019 Stipend, Kulturrådet, Bergen, Norway

2022 Norske Kunsthåndverkeres debutante, Årsutstillingen, Drammens museum, Drammen Norway
2018 Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, (BKH, Kunststudentstipend), Bergen, Norway
2008 Sonduzi Museum, Drawing Biennale, Tehran, Iran

UKS/ LNM/ Tegnerforbundet/ NBK/ BKFH/ Iranian Painters Association

Selected art-related activities
2023 Drawing workshop at Naustdal school, Naustdal, Norway
2023 Drawing workshop at Nykronborg Kultursenter, Bergen, Norway
2023 Drawing workshop at Amalieskramshus, Bergen, Norway
2022 Statement for the exhibition ‘FORSIKTIG, by Sigurd Aas Hansen at USF, Bergen, Norway
2021 Are you ready, Online TV series by Frans Jacobi and Gitte Sætre, Sound recording, Bergen, Norway
2021 Diplopia, Sound recording and production manager, Short film directed by Siavash Kheyrkhah, Bergen, Norway
2020 Hordaland Kunstsenter, Programming coordinator for One Day- One Experiment, Bergen, Norway
2020 Hordaland Kunstsenter (HKS), Jury of the master exhibition, Bergen, Norway
2019 Balcoony, Poster international exhibition, Artistic supervisor, Sanandaj, Iran
2018-2019 ISU, Mobile Photography Contest, Presenter and administration, Bergen, Norway
2015 Zard (Yellow), Performance by Sayeh Kazemi, Tehran, Iran
2014-2015 Ellmo-Farhang University, Painting, drawing, and art history Teacher, Tehran, Iran
2005-2015 Drawing House, Management of criticizing sessions and research, Tehran, Iran
2005-2014 Drawing House, Executive manager and supervisor in ‘One Day, One Experiment’ event, Tehran. Iran
2008-2013 Etemad newspaper, Shargh newspaper, Tandis magazine, writer (art and politics)
2011 Visual Art and Security Executive, Manager for the Festival, Tehran, Iran
2005-2009 Mashgh Shab Academy, Painting and Drawing teacher, Tehran, Iran
2003-2008 Hezareh Institute, Teacher for Painting and Drawing, Tehran, Iran
2005-2006 Freelance in T-V, film and theater decoration design, Tehran, Iran
2001-2004 Khak publishing administration manager (artistic publishing), Tehran, Iran

Vevringutstillinga 2023
Vevringutstillinga 2023, Vevring. Graphite on paper and magnet. 600 cm * 100 cm
Between Substance and Image, Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien. Graphite on paper and magnet. 350 cm * 150 cm
Årsutstilling 2022, Drammen museum. Graphite on paper and magnet. 350 cm * 150 cm