Stray, Torild

Oil painting, glazed clay sculptures, large works on paper

Artist statement

- Åpent atelier lørdag 23.september 2023 -

" ... Stray's exploration of gender, identity, and the human experience is subtly interwoven within each brushstroke. While gender is not the explicit focus, it emerges as an implicit element, inviting contemplation and challenging preconceived notions of the nude in art.Passionate and gestural, Stray's artistic approach captivates the viewer."
Extracted from Press Release "In the Flesh" Galleri Fjalar, June 2023

“ Torild Stray is a painter of materiality and immateriality. She paints the ethereal presence of people. Her images of humans are never what they seem. Ordinary is not her vocabulary. Auras of the intangible are suspended invisibly near real and tangible figures and objects. Stray´s search for the perceptual contains an imagination of the spiritual. She paints obsessively, with a passion, for the unattainable presence of a tenuous world. She is a true painter. ”
New York City, artist and Dean NYSS Graham Nickson

Isotop, Magnus Barfotsgate 25
5015 Bergen

Telefon: +47 99497318


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“ The male Gaze in the Female” oil on linen 2023
“Gaze, her painting him, fragments, mirrors, genitals” oil on linen 2023
Nudes, mirrors, fragments, heads, breasts,now " oil on linen
"Turbulent times are here "Close up large oil painting 2023