Stokkedal, Linn Heidi

Analog fotografi

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 26. september 2020 --

Stokkedal’s father gave her her first camera when she was 8 years old, encouraging her to shoot whatever inspired her. Photography soon became an essential part of her everyday life, a way of capturing and archiving crucial moments before they slipped from memory.

Living in many different places and constantly seeking a feeling of belonging, she was able to channel her boundless energy, her myriad of fascinations, and her outsider’s vision of the offbeat, into a visceral and unconventional aesthetic.

Stokkedal’s minimalist approach and laid back attitude contrast sharply with the seriousness and precision of her technique. She works exclusively with film and does all the developing herself, and while she embraces the potential randomness of the outcome, she shoots thoughtfully and carefully so as not to waste a single frame.

Using non-posed and non-professional models as the subjects for her portraiture, Stokkedal presents the viewer with raw and seemingly unprocessed images, like poetic bursts of energy. The result is a body of work characterized by quirky compositions and the subtle use of color, with soulfulness and a slightly disturbing inner core. Stokkedal’s deeply personal search for a place to call home.

Magnus Barfots gate 25
5007 Bergen

Telefon: 92450615


Norwegian School of Photography 2010
University of Bergen MA in Art History 2016

2016 Munkehagen, Stavanger
2015 Victualler, London
2012 Etne Marknaden, Etne
2012 33 rpm Cafe, Berlin
2012 Rosa K Gallery, Prague
2011 Det Akademiske Kvarteret, Bergen
2011 Gallery of Boris Becker, Cologne
2011 Neon Chocolate Gallery, Berlin
2019 Isotop Project Room, Bergen

2015 Einer Books − Party People Lingo
2012 Teicam books − Lost Dogs
2011 Blood of the Young − Color in Your Cheeks
2010 Pogobooks − Watch Me Jumpstart