Sichmanova, Patricia


Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 17. september 2022 --

My material knowledge continues to be the language I draw upon to communicate my fascination with landscape and natural phenomena. By using materials with varied and often contrasting properties, I am able to explore form, color, and texture to evoke both the inviting and stark landscapes of Norway as well as the ethereal and intricately beautiful forms of lightning. I depict movement using color that runs through the permeable glass canvases I create, allowing the color to pool and soak into the form. Water hitting stones, erosion, or just simple stillness, I would like to depict these in my works. My aim is to create objects that change – with touch, light or over time. Although my training is based in glass art, I am open to any new technique from computer-controlled machines to creating molds for casting in the nature. Shifting between different materials, techniques and especially approaches is giving me endless inspiration.

C. Sundts gate 55
5004 Bergen

Telefon: 96847281


Patrícia Sichmanová er oppvokst i Bratislava, Slovakia hvor hun fullførte en MFA med summa cum laude fra the Academy of Fine Arts and Design i 2017. Master prosjektet hennes vandt 3. pris ved den internasjonale Stanislav Libensky konkuransen i Praha samme år. I løpet av de siste 6 årene mens hun undersøkte mulighetene glass kunne tilby studerte hun også metal arbeid ved HSN i Norge og glass design ved Häme University of Applied Sciences i Finland. Naturen, nordisk landskap og natur fenomener har hatt sterk innflytelse på hennes arbeid. Patrícia er bosatt i Bergen.

Storevatnet (2019)
Waves (2019)
Waves (2018)
Fluidity (2017)