Pritchard, Alwynne

Interdiscplinary/mixed media

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søn 22.sept 2024, kl 12-17 --

Alwynne Pritchard works with sound, image, body and voice. She is a composer, singer, physical performer and actor, who also plays the violin. Alwynne makes theatre, works with text and video and uses colours and images to inform her thinking. Her work is sustained by the knowledge that things appearing to be unconnected can always be revealed to have unexpected and intriguing correlations. By weighing up components—parsing, teasing, and reconfiguring them—processes can be illuminated and relationships cultivated. Alwynne's work engages with the world by traversing states of vulnerability, intimacy, playfulness, and humour. By mapping invisible cities, constructing mazes, and conjuring up magic squares, she creates landscapes in which these states can thrive. These are domains in which she can play with concepts and experiences of space and time by exploring forces at work in the body, in the voice, in words, sounds, images, people and place. It is here that she can ask questions about how we, as entities on this earth, can be alone and how we can be together.

Arna Industrihus, Fabrikkvegen 1
5265 Ytre Arna



Alwynne Pritchard (b. Glasgow, 1968) studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London and has a PhD from the University of Bristol. Her performances, compositions and installations have been presented around the world, and her electro-acoustic composition "Decoy", created at the Experimentalstudio des SWR in Freiburg for the Donaueschingen Musiktage, received the special prize given by the Foundation Ton Bruynèl, STEIM and the Foundation GAUDEAMUS. Residencies have included Norway (USF, Bergen and KHMessen, Ålvik), Germany (Villa Concordia, Bamberg), USA (Point B Worklodge, New York), Portugal (O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo) and The Philippines (PHSA, Los Baños).

In 2016, Alwynne was awarded the commission to create a fanfare or ‘marker’ to celebrate the opening of the University of Bergen’s newly established Department of Art, Music and Design, for which she created the book of text scores, "up without an insistent casting away". In 2015, she co-founded the music-theatre company Neither Nor.

Alwynne’s professional life has also included stints as a writer and presenter for BBC Radio 3, a composition teacher at Trinity Laban in London and as Artistic Director of both the Borealis festival and BIT20 Ensemble.

"MONGREL". Photo: Thor Brødreskift.
"Lapsing"—a Neither Nor production. Image and photo: Alwynne Pritchard.
"Counting Backwards". Photo: Ida Westberg.
"up without an insistent casting away". Photo: Thor Brødreskift.