Nedreaas, Trine Lise

film, installasjon, foto tegning, skulptur

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 17. september 2022 --

Although many of my works are film and video works, the specific media is not important to me. My ideas and questions are at the centre of my practice and the appropriate medium follows, be it moving images, photography, drawing or found objects that I later alter.
My point of departure as a filmmaker has always been loosely based in portraiture and documentary. The nature of people’s life, work, talents and ideas has inspired me to make films with them as subjects. The individuals that have intrigued me the most have been those whose actions or demeanor can in some way reflect on the human condition.
Through simple materials and playful human performances, I try to bring the mind-blowing endlessness of time and space down to an earthly scale.

Nedreaas lives and works in Bergen, Norway. Her work has been shown at the billboards in Times Square NY, Personal Structures at the Venice Biennial, in the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), PS1 Moma (NY), Kunstwerke (Berlin), Palazzo delle Arti (Napoli), Everson Museum (NY), Kunstverein Schwerin, New Center for Contemporary Art (Louisville), MACRO, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea (Rome), Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Albright Knox Gallery (Buffalo, NY), Astrup Fearnley (Oslo). She is represented in public and private collections worldwide.

KO22, Kong Oscars gate 22
5017 Bergen

Telefon: 45392520


Upcoming shows and projects
Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
Tblisi, Georgia

Solo shows
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida
Oseana Kunst og Kultursenter
Opus XVI and Kunstgarasjen, solo show, Bergen Norway
Times Square Arts, Midnight Moment, New York
Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway
Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
Festspillutstilling Galleri SE, Bergen
Neuen Berliner Kunstvereins, ‘Video of the month’, Berlin
Everson Museum, Urban Video Project, Syracuse, screening, NY
Fotogalleriet, Oslo
Stiftelsen 3,14, (Voltet), Bergen
Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York
RadialSystem, New Space For The Arts in Berlin, performance, curator Paz A. Guevara, Berlin
Vigeland Museum, Oslo
Galerie Eva Hober, Paris
Galerie Michael Janssen, Project rom, Berlin
New Positions, New talents at Art Cologne, presented by Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin
Kunstverein Schwerin, Schwerin
New Center for Contemporary Art, Louisville, Kentucky
COMA - Centre for Opinions in Music and Art, ‘Idle By’, performance and installation event, Berlin
Galleri Brandstrup, project room, Oslo
Galerie Eva Hober, Paris
AR Contemporary, Milano
Galleri F15, project rom, Moss
LUXE gallery, New York

2011-2014 Outdoor Public Sculpture, KOKSA eiendom, Oslo
2012 Inspria Science Center, Film commission, Moss
2007/2008 Nytt Operahus og KORO, Film commission, Oslo

Steering committee work
2015 Boardmember Bergen Kunsthall, Norway

Selected group shows and screenings
One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
Prosjektrom Helium, Multippel market, group show, Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway
Bluecoat, Liverpool's centre for the contemporary arts, 'Abacus', Liverpool, UK
ARGOS Centre for Art and Media, Day of the dance groupshow, Brussels
Personal Structures, Venice Biennial, group show Italy
Stavanger Kunstmuseum, project room, Norge
Musée d’Art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, France
Kaviar factory, Above the ART ic circle, Henningsvær, Norway
Armory Art Fair, New York, two person show with Marina Abramovic, presented by Galleri Brandstrup
Lokalt, Bergen Kretsfengsel, group show, Bergen
Jean and Christine Mairets collection, L’Amour, La Mort, Le Diable, Une Collection Particuliere, Galerie des Hospices, Limoges
Busan Biennale, South Korea
Kulturkirken Jakob, video for the altar, Oslo
Kunstmuseet KUBE, “Det komplekse mennesket, Ålesund
National museum, PARADOKS, Oslo
Face Value, Kentucky School of Art in Louisville, Kentucky
Kunstverein Schwerin, works from the collection
La Perle, Paris
MK Gallery, Norwegian Season, Milton Keynes, UK
Neuen Berliner Kunstvereins, ‘Video of the month’, Berlin
Baltic Bienniale, 3rdSPACE, St. Petersburg
The NADA Artist Ball, Big Screen project, screening, NY
Young Projects, LA, USA
Grimstad Kortfilm festival, curator: Atelier Nord, Norway
National Teateret, “Ad Hoc”, curators. Elisabeth Byre og Susanne Ø.Sæter, Oslo
RadialSystem, New Space For The Arts in Berlin, curator Paz A. Guevara, Berlin
Galleri Andersson/Sandstrom, Umedalen skulptur, Umeå, Sweden
Fotogalleriet, Vårutstillingen, Oslo
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, ‘Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs’, USA
Art Pavilion in Zagreb, ‘Looking at Others’, Zagreb
Croatian Association of Artists HDLU, “Temple”, Zagreb
Matacuna 100 ‘Fictive Community’, curator: Paz A. Guevara, Santiago, Chile
Collection Lambert en Avignon, “J’embrasse pas”, France
Salon du Dessins Contemporain, presented by Galerie Eva Hober, Paris
Luxe Gallery, Alive!, NY
M*A*S*H NY, ‘Darkness Descends: Norwegian Art Now’, curator: Christina Vassallo, NY
Astrup Fearnley Museum, ‘Lights on’ , Oslo
Kunstnernes Hus, ‘Ghost in the Machine’, Oslo
Mogadishni ‘The Good with the Bad’, Aarhus, Denmark
PS1 Moma, PAN and Perna Foundation
Mori Art Museum, ‘All About Laughter’, curator Mami Kataoka, Tokyo
Kunstwerke / PS1 MOMA Berlin, ‘Into me / Out of me’, curator: Klaus Biesenbach, Berlin
Museo d´Arte Contemporanea ‘Into me / Out of me, curator: Biesenbach, Rome
PAN - Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, “Eroi! Come noi?” curator: Julia Draganovic, Italy
Art Radio Live Broadcast Barge, 2007 Venice Biennial, curator:
Collection Lambert, “J’Embrasse Pas”, Avignon
‘The Turner Prize 2007 Extravaganza’, video screening, Liverpool
‘She Devil’, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome
LUXE Gallery, 3 person show, NY
PAN Screening. Opere e documenti. 2005-2007, PAN|Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Napoli
Vigeland Museet, “Gjensyn med Fremtiden”, curator: Jarle Strømodden, Oslo
Bergen Kunstmuseum, art from the colection, ‘It Takes Two To Tango’, Bergen
PS1 MOMA, ‘Into me / Out of me’, curator: Klaus Biesenbach, New York
Espacio Liquido, Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijon, Spain
Elizabeth Foundation, ‘Everybody Dance Now’, curator: Kathy Goncharov, N.Y.
‘37 seconds’, Independents Biennal Liverpool, curator: Rebecca Lennon, Liverpool
Norske Bilder, Oslo
‘International Artist in Residency programme’, Location One, NY
‘Loop’ Video Art Fair, Barcelona, presented by Luxe Gallery, NY

Public texts on art
2010-13 Guest writer on art and culture for Bergens Tidende, Newspaper, Norway

Artist talks, TV and radio interviews
2015 Artist talk, “Den Kreative Prosess”, Kunst, Kultur og Psykisk Helse, Bergen Kommune, Norway
2011 Artist talk og filmscreening, Verdensteateret cinema, Tromsø
2007 Artist talk, ‘All about Laughter’, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2007 Radio, NRK P2, Interviewed by KulturNytt, Norge
2006 Scandinavia House, New York, in conversation with Arthur Danto
2006 TV, ‘SAFARI’ NRK, arts program.

2016 (Exhibition catalogue), Above the ART ic circle, Kaviarfactory, Norway
2015 (Exhibition catalogue), L’Amour, La Mort, Le Diable, Une Collection Particuliere, Jean and Christine Mairets collection, Galerie des Hospices, Limoges
2014 (Art publication), Fra modernisme til det kontemporære, Tendenser i Norsk samtidskunst etter 1990. Gunnar Danbolt, Samlaget.
2014 (Exhibition catalogue), Paradoks, Posisjoner innen norsk videokunst 1980 - 2010, Nasjonalmusee, Oslo
2012 (Art publication), “Det Norske Kunstfeltet”, Dag Solhjell & Jon Øien
2011 (Art publication), “Ny norsk kunst etter 1990.” Øystein Ustvedt, Fagbokforlaget
2011 (Art publication) “Visual Art in the Oslo Opera House”, ed. By Jørn Mortensen, Press forlag
2011 (Art publication), Andreas Van Duhren, ‘Avant Garde’, Berlin
2009 (Artist catalogue), editor: Massimo Tantardini “Skip Intro -ultra contemporary art books” SHIN Prod.
(Exhibition catalogue), Branco Franceschi, “Temple”, Croatian Association of Artists HDLU, Zagreb
(Exhibition catalogue), ‘Looking at Others’, Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia (Utstillingskatalog), ‘Hors Jeux, Collection Lambert, Bauvais.
2008 (Art publication), “Site Seeing”, oppdrag for Nytt Opera Hus i Oslo 2008 (Exhibition catalogue), Klaus Biesenbach, ‘Into Me/Out of Me’, PS1 Moma New York & Kunstwerke, Berlin.
2008 (Exhibition catalogue), G.Kvaran, ‘Lights On’ Norwegian Contemporary Art, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo
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2007 (Exhibition catalogue), Svein Thorud og Karin Hellandsjø, Royal Caribbean Arts Grant, 5 år, Kunstnernes Hus, Norge
2007 (Exhibition catalogue), Mami Kataoka, ‘All about Laughter’, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
2006 (Exhibition catalogue) FIAC, Paris
2005 (Exhibition catalogue) DIVA Digital and Video Art Fair NY
2005 (Exhibition catalogue) Brrr, Performancefestival, Port
2004 (Exhibition catalogue), Karin Hellandsjoe ‘Jan Groth Collection’
2003 (Exhibition catalogue), Royal Caribbean International Arts Grant winners
2002 (Exhibition catalogue) Urbane Matriser, Haugar Vestfold Art Museum
2001 (Exhibition catalogue) TIFF, Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival
2000 Exhibition catalogue) BIFF, Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival

2017 “Det er en fantastisk mulighet til å vise kunsten sin”, Guro Istad, BT, 25.04.2017
2016 “Fra karosseri til kunst” Cathrine Krane Hansen, BT, 18.02.2016
2014 ”Stor knute, stor sjanse” Cathrine Krane Hansen, BT, 29.11.2014
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Albright Knox Collection, USA
Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Germany
Neue Berliner Kunstvereins, Berlin, Germany
Nasjonalmuseet, Norway
DNB NOR, Norway
KODE, Bergen Kunst Museum, Bergen, Norway

Private Collections: Norway, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy

95 – 99
Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, Fine Art Media
University College London, Madness and Society, Course Module
94 – 95
Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design, London, Fine Art
University of Bergen, Archaeology (grunnfag)
92 – 94
University of Bergen and University of Oslo, Art history (mellomfag),

Grants, stipends and prizes
2017 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, projectgrant
2017 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, 1 year working grant
2014 BKH 3 year working grant
2012 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Working grant, 2 years
2011 Norwegian Artist Association, Project grant
2010 Norwegian Artist Association, Project grant
2009 Norwegian Artist Association, Project grant, Arts Council Norway, Project grant
2008 OCA - Office for Contemporary Art, Norway, International support. Arts Council Norway, Project grant
2007 Norwegian Artist Association, Project grant
2006 OCA – Office for Contemporary Art, Norway, International support. Arts Council Norway, Exhibition grant, Norway. Fond for Lyd og Bilde, film project grant, Norway.
2005 OCA – Office for Contemporary Art, Norway, International support. ‘FAIR PLAY’, juried Video competition, Berlin, Germany. Arts Council Norway, Project grant, Bergen Council, project and travel grant.
2004 Norwegian Artist Association Project grant.
2003 Royal Caribbean International Arts Grant, Young Artist Award 2003. Norwegian Artist Association, Norwegian Young Artist Working State Scholarship, 2 years. 2002 Arts Council Norway, Project grant, Arts Council Norway, Equipment grant. 2001 Norwegian Artist Association Project grant, Arts Council Norway, Equipment grant, Arts Council Norway, Debut Exhibition grant.

Mac Donaldi, King of Soap Bubbles. Video
Pulse. Video
Pearly Gates, kulltegning, 40x50cm. del av serie på 14.
Tha Mask. (Part 1, the world's smallest mask)