Nedreaas, Trine Lise

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Artist statement

Åpent atelier lør 21.sept 2024, kl 12-17 --

Nedreaas works in a variety of media including drawing, sculpture and photography and is best known for her intriguing and uncanny films.
Her work teases to the surface the human desire to control, to excel, to fabulate, to identify, to order, to assert oneself - all as a means to find purpose, to keep carrying on, and fundamentally, to belong.
Nedreaas’ films lie somewhere between the realms of portraiture, performance, and documentary and are assembled into rhythmic multi-screen installations with a symbolically rich and visual language. Nedreaas’ use of intimate close ups and her use of scratches and light spills on the film material echo the physical scars and imperfections of a lived life, of meetings and the passage of time.
Nedreaas’ visually rich and disconcerting work conveys a sense of instability and fragility, as well as a sense of agency in a world that carries on regardless.

Isotop Fellesatelier, Magnus Barfotsgate 25
5015 Bergen

Telefon: 45392520


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2024 Galleri Langegården, gruppeprosjekt, Bergen,
2024 Museum of Modern Art Zurab Tsereteli, separat utstilling, Tbilisi, Georgia
2024 Kunsthall 3,14, Hvelvet / prosjektrommet, Bergen
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