Morton, Anthony

Painting, Photography, Philosophy

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søn 22.september 2024, kl 12-17 --

Morton’s philosophical research focuses on art and image-making, which is integrated into his artistic practice. Using image-theory and image-making as inquisitional media, he explores the nature of images as phenomena. Through a naturalistic framework, images are understood as expressions of the cosmos that extend consciousness, yet remain within an art historical context.

Morton’s images propose a space within, where things appear to exist. Due to their physical presence, they seem to have transcended the pictorial plane they propose. The direction of emergence, from inside the image space to beyond, implies a manifest journey from a realm that evades physical access. The images—evident of these journeys—allude to a reason, an intention, an agency, and therefore, a message beckoning from within. They are vehicles by which pictorial space is explored within a cosmic context. Here, forms cite a multitude of departures towards allegorical narratives; an endeavour of visual helmsmanship, where images are becoming and have left the scent of seared steak.

Bergen Ateliergruppe, Havnelageret på Dokkeskjærskaien 1
5006 Bergen

Telefon: +4798874570


Anthony Morton (b. 1992. Durban, South Africa) is an artist and theorist based in Bergen, Norway. Morton’s work has been exhibited at a variety of art institutions in China, Norway, and South Africa. He is the director of The Place of Shade, recently published in edition 11 of the Nordic Journal of Artistic Research. Morton studied contemporary art and philosophy in Japan, South Africa, and Norway. He was awarded an MA in Contemporary Art (2019) and an MA in Philosophy (2023) from the University of Bergen.

Solo exhibitions
2024. The Place of Shade. Nordic Journal for Artistic Research.
VIS #11.
2022. The Place of Shade. Galleri Christinegaard. Bergen
2022. The Place of Shade. NoGoods. Bergen, Norway
2021. Sport Parade for Toad Mountain. Site-specific. Bergen
2020. Sport Parade for Frog Island. Site-specific. Bergen
2020. Serenades Frog Island. Galleri FLIG.
Bergen, Norway
2019. Shongololo. Rom 61. Bergen, Norway
2018. Enter the air (faka umoya). KMD. Bergen, Norway
2017. I Must Go. The Bijou. Cape Town, South Africa
2017. Nice Weather. Ebony Curated. Cape Town, RSA
2016. Xiang. Ooh La Art Gallery. Shanghai, China
2015. Outpost. Artspace. Durban, South Africa
2014. Stoker. Rhodes University Gallery. Grahamstown,
South Africa