Morell, Linda

Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass, etc.

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lør 21.sept 2024, kl 12-17 --

Linda Morell (b. 1993, Halmstad, Sweden) works mainly with sculpture and installation speculating on myths surrounding organic bodies, scientific models and their abstractions. Through the interpretation of current and historical theories within medicine and ecology she creates works in materials such as ceramics, metals, glass and synthetics.

Kunstnerverksteder Cs55, C. Sundts gate 55



2023 Phytosleep, PRÁM, Prague, Czech Republic
2023 Oil nebula, S12, Bergen, Norway
2022 Oil nebula, spawn, Vestfold Art Centre, Tønsberg, Norway
2022 Oil nebula, rise, Oppland Art Centre, Lillehammer, Norway
2022 Miasma Protoplasma, Platform, Stockholm, Norway
2021 Miasma Protoplasma, BO The Association of Visual Artists Oslo, Oslo, Norway
2021 Miasma Protoplasma, Aldea, Bergen, Norway
2021 Balsamarium, North Norwegian Art Centre, Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway
2020 Asclepieia, USF The United Sardine Factory, Bergen, Norway
2017 WAX, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå, Sweden

2023 A Drifter`s Songs of Life and Death, Tschechisches Zentrum, Vienna, Austria
2023 NIC ‘N’ NO, curated by USIKKERKUNSTJENTE, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, Norway
2023 Multi Species, Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, Norway
2023 Careful, Hå Gamle Prestegard, Nærbø, Norway
2023 Viriditas, The Norwegian Drawing Center, Oslo, Norway
2023 Pyton, Älvsjö gård, Stockholm Funiture Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2023 Kvinnokartan, Halmstad Konsthall, Halmstad, Sweden
2022 The Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2022 The extraordinary, collection show, Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum, Førde, Norway
2021-2022 First the good news, collection show, KODE Art Museum, Bergen, Norway
2021 Reaction Videos, B3IG3 x Entrée, Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen, Norway
2021 Genklang, C4 Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark
2021-2022 The suggestive body, Norrbotten County Art Museum, Kiruna, Sweden
2021 Natural Nuances, USF The United Sardine Factory, Bergen, Norway
2020 The Annual Craft Exhibition, NNKM Northern Norwegian Art Museum, Tromsø, Norway
2020 FRAMTIDSKROPP #2, CANA Art association, Gävle, Sweden
2020 1:1, Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
2020 One can play more than one, with Anna Hillbom and Emma Papworth, Norrbyskär Konsthall, Norrbyskär, Sweden
2020 FISTFUL OF LOVE, KRAFT, Bergen, Norway
2019 Temple Total Autobody, Landmark, Bergen, Norway
2019 with eyes closed, call me, (graduation show), Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

Paradise Lost, fused and slumped glass, burnt spruce, 49x120x47cm, 2022
Oil spill, fused and slumped Bullseye glass, glazed stoneware, 63x45x15cm, 2022
Solar Plexus, glazed porcelain on stoneware, stainless steel, virtual reality sculpted SLA 3D-printed resin, 165x105x82cm, 2021
Eucalyptus, polished mild steel, 74x86x53cm, 2019