Matey, Ana

Visual artist

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lør 21.sept 2024, kl 12-17 --

I understand art as a means to question and build new ways of relationship. Art as a place of encounter, that's why action art or performance art is the central axis through which my work is structured, multifaceted and multidisciplinary. My creative process is nourished by walking, collecting and moving. I am interested in processes and experimentation through repetitive and prolonged actions in which I exercise observation, transformation and patience, to reflect on how time and space affect us in the way we relate to each other (psychogeography).

“Conversations with the Natural", "The Feather Collector", "Welcome to Otasazubicam", "IP", ... are all projects that have been with me for years, walking through the countryside, the city, the mind....

USF Verftet, Georgernes verft, studio 355
5011 Bergen



Spanish artist whose work moves between visual arts and performance. She studied Audiovisual Communication, Image, Photography and Butoh Dance. Her career began in 2001 and since 2006 she dedicates herself full time to her activity as an artist, trainer and facilitator. Co-founder of the collective El Carromato (2006-2010) in a multidisciplinary space in Madrid where ARTóN (2009-2014), a monthly meeting dedicated to the practice, promotion, research and documentation of action art is gestated. In 2012, together with artist Isabel León, she created EXCHANGE Live Art, a collective research and creation project, and MATSUcreación, a house-workshop and meeting place between art and nature through laboratories and different activities. She has participated in action art festivals around the world and her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, theaters and alternative spaces, both nationally and internationally, being recognized with various awards and grants.
Currently her work can be seen permanently in the collections of the SXXI Zapadores Museum(Madrid), Art Center VALDELARTE (Huelva) and in the traveling exhibitions "Portals t”o the Unknow” at the Cervantes Institute in Brussels and "1, 2, ...Acción!" in centers of the Community of Madrid, both curated by Nerea Ubieto. She is a member of MAV (Woman in the Visual Arts) being awarded in 2022 with her project EXCHANGE Live Art by the MAV Biennial.