Marsh, Dillan


Artist statement

Åpent atelier lørdag 27. april 2019.

Dillan Marsh lives in Bergen, having received an MA in Visual Art from Bergen School of Art in 2011. His methodology is to collect material: such as text, images and objects, out of this collection new forms can emerge. The newly made is assembled together with collected material. This can bring disparate things into dialogue and a process of mapping is set in motion. A tension can be arrived at between elements and new scenarios triggered. These are often concerned with the actions and origins of making. Since 2013 Marsh has been collaborating with Eleanor Clare.

Georgernes Verft 12
5011 Bergen



Recent activity includes: The Poacher's Lament and Other Half Heard Tales, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, 2019; The Poacher's Dream, (solo show with E Clare) USF Verftet, Bergen, 2018; URRA, Tigre residency, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017; The Gabbling Gateway, (solo show) Galleri BOA, Oslo, Norway, 2017; Here and Now, Sheffield Institute of Arts, UK, 2017; Fairground Fancier, Risør Kunstpark, Norway, 2017; Adventure Island, Archipelago, HKS, Bergen, Norway, 2016; Time and Space Residency, Metal, Chalkwell Hall, UK, 2016; Travels of the Toucher, (solo show) Assembly House, Leeds, UK, 2015; Two Poke Holes and the Art of the Toucher, (solo show) Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, UK, 2015; Guest Artist, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, 2015; Undercurrents, (solo show) Deuxpiece/Flatterschafft, Basel, Switzerland