Lax, Laurie

Working with people, text, technology, sound, drawing...

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 26. september 2020 --

Currently I'm working on a collaboration with fellow artist Lucila Mayol called 'Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn'. In its final form the work will take the form of interactive fiction with audio. In other words, a computer-based reading experience that the reader/listener (You) can interact with via text. The project is focused on gossip, obsolescence and what stories get to be told.

- - -

aerial is an artist studio and community space organised by three artists who also work within education, publishing and production. genni, laurie and stacy welcome you to pop by for a coffee and chat.

during b-open we will be hosting a workshop, raffle and selling plant babies to raise funds for our kitchen!

aerial, C. Sundts gate 38
5004 Bergen

Telefon: 92310910
Web: http://TBA


Artist and producer living and working in Bergen, Norway, previously based in Bristol, UK. Graduated from masters in Fine Art in Bergen in 2018.

Bad Ventriloquist (ongoing project)
Sagfjordbotn (site of current production)
aerial (studio and artspace)
Marking a Shift (poem engraved in HKS' kitchen sink)