Lax, Laurie

Working with people, text, technology, sound, drawing...

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 25. september 2021 --

Current projects include:

'Archaeological Fiction: Sagfjordbotn' (collaboration with Lucila Mayol), an interactive fiction with sound –

'Fremtidens Levninger', a collaborative online publication about Sofienbergsparken in Oslo, initiated by Kjersti Sundland – launching in October 2021

aerial*, co-organiser of artist-run space –

prøverommet**, producer of series at BIT Teatergarasjen –

*aerial is an artist-run space that foregrounds what is often considered secondary in artistic production: mediation, hospitality and networking, which we prefer to call: conversation, care and community. aerial supports social art practices and favours working with projects over longer periods of time. The programme includes workshops, reading and writing groups, residencies and all sorts of social events! aerial is currently organised by Stacy Brafield and myself.

**prøverommet is BIT Teatergarasjen’s autonomous sidekick, moving between venues, galleries and other places around Bergen. This concept provides an opportunity for new voices, new material, thoughts and ideas to be tested out in an informal and dynamic alternative to the permanent institutions in Bergen. It's existed alongside BIT Teatergarasjen’s seasonal program since 1998, always searching for the latest developments in the underground of Bergen’s art scene.

aerial, C. Sundts gate 38
5004 Bergen

Telefon: 92310910


Artist and producer living and working in Bergen, Norway, previously based in Bristol, UK. Graduated from masters in Fine Art in Bergen in 2018.

Bad Ventriloquist (ongoing project)
Sagfjordbotn (current production)
aerial (studio and artist-runs space)
Marking a Shift (poem engraved in HKS' kitchen sink)