Keegan, Kristen

Maleri, tekstil

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 26. september 2020 --

How to point toward the uncertain space occupied by images? Slowing them through paint, I can think with them.

I make use of porous surfaces and concentrated pigments, tracing a correspondence. I examine the cumulative potential of surface—adopting materials with a receptive, soft quality. These are qualities imparted on me in return. Agent and material find each other seeking.

Open surfaces encourage an immediate and irrevocable gesture. I submit myself to surface. An image unfolds and is suspended—approaching, receding. The space holding it trembles, shifts again, changing shape.

The resolution of a stain anchors an image where it might otherwise dissolve. This is the indelible blush called colouring.

C.Sundts gate 55
5018 Bergen



Kristen Keegan

Øvre Fjellsmauet 9
5018 Bergen
+47 464 25 985


2017-2019 Kunstakademiet i Bergen, University of Bergen Bergen, Norway
MA in Contemporary Art
2015 KH Messen Artist in Residence Ålvik, Norway
2013 NES Artist Residency Skagaströnd, Iceland
2012-2014 The Banff Centre Banff, Canada
Photo Lab Residencies
2011 The Banff Centre Banff, Canada
Banff Artist In Residence
2010 School of Visual Arts New York, NY
Summer Artist Residency
2006-2010 University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction

Solo/Two Person Exhibitions

2021 (forthcoming) LNM Oslo, Norway
2019 Colour gap, Studio 17 Stavanger, Norway
2019 The urgent, slow gaze, Hordaland Kunstsenter Bergen, Norway
2018 Slipping Image, C3 Gallery Melbourne, Australia
2016 Series, The Drawing Room Edmonton, Canada
2014 Dwelling Place, Botega Gallery Banff, Canada
2013 Elsewhere, Latitude 53 Edmonton, Canada
2011 Lonely Mountain Girls, The Other Gallery Banff, Canada
2009 Flatlanders, The Cutting Room Edmonton, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2019 Skagen Paints Us, Hordaland Kunstsenter Kafe Bergen, Norway
2019 with eyes closed, call me (MA Thesis Exhibtion), Bergen Kunsthall Bergen, Norway
2018 Masters Salon Painting Antwerp, Belgium
2018 Høstutstillingen 2018, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Norway
2018 Why Not All of Them? Strømgaten Bergen, Norway
2018 Don’t worry about how you fit into my space, Sydnesgaten Bergen, Norway
2017 Members Show, Galerie CAVA Edmonton, Canada
2015 Kit and Kaboodle, Parade Gallery Edmonton, Canada
(curated by Dana Holst and Jill Davies-Shaw)
2015 Messen Open Studios, KH Messen Ålvik, Norway
2015 No Job More Dangerous, Epcor Tower Edmonton, Canada
(curated by Justine Hartlieb-Power)
2015 Future Station: Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Edmonton, Canada
Art Gallery of Alberta (curated by Kristy Trinier)
2014 Timeraiser Edmonton, TransAlta Arts Barns Edmonton, Canada
2014 It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information, Stamford, USA
Franklin Street Works
2013 Timeraiser Edmonton, TransAlta Arts Barns Edmonton, Canada
2013 Open Studios, Nes Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland
2012 Beaver Fever, The 410 Project Mankato, USA
2010 Summer Residency Open Studio, School of Visual Art New York, NY
2010 The Debutante’s Ball, Enterprise Square Edmonton, Canada
2010 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (BFA Graduate Show) Edmonton, Canada
Fine Arts Building Gallery
2010 Mixed Assortment, Enterprise Square Edmonton, Canada
2009 Young Being, Dewey’s Edmonton, Canada
2008 Summer Program Graduation Show, School of Visual Arts New York, NY

Grants and Awards

2019 Bergen Kommune newly established artist grant
2019 Kulturrådet Diverse¬stipend for ny¬utdannede kunstnere
2018 Canadian Initiative for Nordic Studies – Graduate Scholarship (Masters Studies)
2018 BKH Student Stipend Norway
2017 Students’ Travel Fund Bursary (KMD)
2017 Students’ Group Project Fund Bursary (KMD)
2016 Canada Council for the Arts Project Grant
2015 Edmonton Arts Council Project Grant
2015 Edmonton Arts Council Travel Grant
2014 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant
2013 Edmonton Arts Council MicroGrant
2012 Juror’s Choice Award, Art Gallery of St. Albert
2012 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant
2010 Elizabeth Ann Burgess Award in Contemporary Arts
2009 Natalka Horeczko Scholarship in Painting and Print-Design
2008 Universiade ’83 Scholarship (Fine Arts)
2008 Glenora Rotary Club Award
2008 Culture, Graphic Design and Fine Arts in NY Scholarship