Hankyul, Kim

kinetisk installasjon, lyd

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 27. september 2020 , Open only online through the streaming of Bergen Kjøtt. But Kim cannot say no if you found this text at the door of Bergen Kjøtt. Knock on the door in that case

My works are mainly on kinetic installation integrated with the live sound outcome, ranging over different scales and materials from the ready-made object installation to the large kinetic architecture. Integrating mechanical movement and the real-time sound, I depict the malfunctioning beings within society through the animated objects. In most of my works, microphones are directly attached or laid next to the moving parts of machinery, collecting physical vibrations and converting them into the audible format of sound. Sound is formulated only in the real-time live format, without pre-recording or post-digital formatting.
By restricting the origin of sound to the present happenings, I maintain my focus on the performative role of sonification in the physical relation to the surrounding space. Sound does not generate anything more than what is happening on the given ground, while every mechanical component is being modulated for the perfection of sound. In this process the time and the space slip into each other’s presence, where they challenge their regularity through the unpredictability. I call this process as the estrangement through the sonification. Familiar landscapes are estranged into the extreme temporality, through the interdependently generated soundscape.

Skutevikstorget 1
5011 bergen

E-postadresse: kimhankyul.studio@gmail.com



MFA in Fine Art, University of Bergen
BFA in Painting, Seoul National University
BA in Aesthetics, Seoul National University

Selected Presentations

2020 Atelier Nord, Oslo
2020 USF visningsrommet, Bergen
2020 NKD residency, Dale
2019, 2020 USF residency, Bergen
2019 KMD library, Bergen
2019 Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2019 Galleri Slakt, Bergen
2019 16 channel diffusion performance organized by BEK, Bergen
2019 Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2019 6 channel diffusion performance organized by BEK, Bergen
2019 Radio Space : Borealis 2019, Bergen
2019 Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2018 Galleri KiT, Trondheim
2018 CINEMA B-OPEN, B-open art-festival, Bergen
2018 Joy Forum, Bergen
2018 Strømgaten 1, Bergen
2018 Galleri Blunk, Trondheim
2018 Galleri Fisk, Bergen
2018 Doosan Art Center, Seoul
2017 Unofficial Preview Gallery, Seoul

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, kinetic sound installation, installation view in Bergen Kunsthall, 2019
Wave Sound Motor Machine, kinetic sound installation, wood on motor, 2018
Snoring Sound Motor Machine, kinetic sound installation, mixed media with dynamic microphones, 2017
Serpent, kinetic sound installation, aluminum hood pipe on motor, 2016