Grosset, Floriane

Photography, Object, Toys

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 27. september 2020 --

Floriane Grosset (b. 1994, Versailles) holds a DNAP in fine arts from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Médias, of Caen, France (2016) and a MFA from the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (2018). She works with both analogue and digital photography and film, and creates situations to look at images, such as installations or objects, related to the pre-cinematic period. She questions the materiality of images, and the place of the spectator, and the how architecture enclose the bodies and minds.

Birkebeinergaten 4
5003 Bergen



2018-2019 Fakultet for Kunst, Design og Musikk, UiB - Poststudierett program
2016-2018 Fakultet for Kunst, Design og Musikk, UiB - Master of Fine Art
2013-2016 Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Médias (ESAM) of Caen (14), France - Diplôme National des Arts Plastiques
2012-2013 Ecole d’Art de Belfort (90), France - Preparation for Fine Art competitive exam

2019 Stand at the Bergen Art Book Fair (BABF), Bergen (November)
2018 Stand at the Bergen Art Book Fair (BABF), Bergen (November)
2018 Spacial Illusion - Galleri Bokboden, Bergen (May)
2018 Friday, the 13th - Collective Master Graduation Exhibition, Kunsthall (April)
2018 Real-Time - Collective Exhibition and works about Surveillance, Rom8, Bergen (March)
2017 REPLICA OBSCURA - project with Åsne Eldøy, Bergen Kjøtt (November)
2017 Through Out - Galleri Bokboden, Bergen (April) - Site specific installation
2017 Festival B-Open - projection of Corps Etranger (March)
2017 Collective Projection - Bokboden Play, at Bokboden Galleri - projection of Pellicules (January)
2015 Festival Court-circuit, Cherbourg (50) - projection of Route 1
2015 Le Casier 9 - Collective exhibition Mouvement (December)
2015 Le Casier 9 - Collective exhibition Espace (March)

2019-today WAAW Gallery - Collective - On&Off-line Exhibitions
2018-today .ZIP Collective - Organisation of collective project and exhibitions
2017 FINDING COLLABORATION – - Creation of a website as a portfolio of the artists in my class
2014-2016 Le Casier 9 – - Creation of a website as a gallery space for student for my Bachelor school

2017 Texst Group Publication - Poster of Through Out exhibition
2017 Le Voyeur (French Fanzine) - one page on Apocalypse Bébé by Virginy Despente
2017 Le Voyeur - two pages on Le Massacre de Pangbourne by J.G.Ballard
2016 Le Voyeur - two pages on Nana by Emile Zola

2018 Tare Steigen Air - One week of collaborative residency, working on Surveillance - then REAL-TIME exhibition

2015 Cinéma Lux, Caen (14), France - Outdoor projections, and editing and projecting of analog films
2014 Festival Interstice Edition 9, Caen (14) - installation of an exhibition
2014 Artothèque of Caen (14) - installation of exhibitions
2013 Theater of Belfort (90) - photographic report for the Premier Championnat de Ricochets at Belfort (90), France

2018 Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet
2018 Student’s project fund, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Bergen (UiB) - REAL-TIME project, 4 persons, Funds to help project, 2018 Haut Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR), France - REAL-TIME project, 4 persons
2018 Travel fund, Faculty of Fine Arts, UiB - Trip to Finland

Corps Etranger, 16mm B&W film, 2016
Corridor, 16mm Color film, 2018
Stereoscope, Object in wood with 10 slides, 2016-2018
Pocket-panoramic, Object in wood and metal, 2016