GRIVEAU, Eléonore

Keramikk og elektronisk kunst

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 18. september 2022 --

My current research leads me to the making of active objects undergoing an evolution which conducts to self destruction. With accumulation of rough geometric forms mixed with ceramics and electronics, the interactive and still ecological installations created reflect on the figure of human activities as the dominant influence on nowadays ecosystems.This project attempts to narrate the catastrophe and use the visitor presence as a trigger. It refers to a post-humanism era that shows that our way of apprehending our body is changing with new technologies and is closely intertwined within the problematics related to the notion of collapsology and solstalgia. These two neologisms reveal first, the study and elaboration of how industrial civilization will collapse and what will replace it and secondly, the emotional disquiet about negative changes in one’s environment.

Cone 7 is a ceramic center based in Bergen, Norway and is run by two professional ceramists, Eléonore Griveau and Lorie Ballage. Open to artists, designers, and anyone willing to experiment with clay, our mission is to develop a long term ceramic community and to promote its application in art, design and craft.

Our ceramic workshop aims to become an open cultural platform where any interested parties may experiment with clay and specific tools that are involved in a ceramic based practice. The workshop shall facilitate differing research methods, courses and other arrangements at our workshop based in Laksevåg. We plan to sustain a kiln room, a glaze laboratory, a plaster corner, a FabLab with a 3D Clay Printer. As an open ceramic workshop where classes are held, artists can also rent a space or a technician to complete their specific projects. Ceramic is a long process that demands time as it involves the making, the drying, the glazing and the firing processes.

Cone 7, Johan Berentsens vei 65

Telefon: 46253821


Master’s degree Fine Art – University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and
Design, 2017-2019
Exchange programme in Fine Arts – Duncan Jordastone College of Arts and
Design, Dundee, Scotland, 2016
Bachelor’s degree Fine Arts – Superior school of Fine Arts (ESBA TALM) Tours,
France, 2014-2017
Bachelor in Fine Arts – University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris,France,

-(upcoming)Incontri/Solo show Collaboration of Flag No Flags and Manuel Portioli,
Church of S. Carlo, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2021
-Project Network, Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center,
Skælskør, Denmark, January 2020
-Screen-Narration of a disaster in Galleri Snerk/Solo show – Tromsø, Bergen,
Norway, 2019
-With eyes closed, call me – Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway, 2019
-Why Not All Of Them? – Strømgaten 1, Bergen, Norway, 2018
-Monumentality – KMD, Bergen, Norway, 2018
-Northern Lines – Lost Arch, Newcastle, England and DJCAD Gallery in Dundee,
Scotland, 2016
-Art, Science and Visual thinking – Science Art Research Gallery, University of
Dundee, Scotland, 2016
-Les petits formats – Mode d’emploi & Ozart at l’ESBA TALM, Tours, France,

Technician at Bergen Assembly, Bergen, Norway, 2019
Technician at Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, Norway
Assistant technology consulting for Arthur Hureau (sound-designer, sound-engineer), Bergen, Norway, 2019
Partnership with the «Fab Lab», interactive installation/Arduino project, Tours,
France, 2017
Assistant Mould making workshop, «La chapelle» in Tours, France, 2016
Assistant of Georges Rousse, exhibition « Vanité » in the Prieuré Saint Cosme,
Tours, France, 2016