Ebert, Linda

Painting, installation, graphics

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 23. september 2023 --

My work moves fluidly between painting, installation, and graphics, with a focus on exploring the relationship between space, surface and perception. The core is a hierarchical system in which the colour black plays a central role. Another element is the grid. I use its constructive character to make the invisible visible and to make nothingness perceptible in the form of rigid lines and intangible surfaces. White and relief-like grids float in immaterial spaces and serve to make them recognisable as such and at the same time to profile themselves as autonomous counter-parts. Furthermore, the grid misses the actual pictorial object and makes the autonomy of two levels visible: that of the spiritual and that of the material level. My works show abstract imaginary spaces. They are perspective constructions of non-figurative worlds that invite the viewer to take a closer look and, due to their nature, force them to constantly re-locate themselves in the space.

Aldea, C. Sundts gate 55
5004 Bergen

E-postadresse: linda.ebert@gmx.net
Web: https://www.lindaebert.com


2019-2020 Studio assistant/ Esther Stocker, Vienna, AUT.
2019 Master of Fine Arts / Prof. Antje Majewski & Sophie Reinhold
& Prof. Petra Maria Mayer ,Muthesius University of Fine Arts & Design, Kiel, GER.
2017 Bachelor of Fine Arts / Prof. Antje Majewski & Prof. Petra Maria Mayer, Muthesius
University of Fine Arts & Design, Kiel, GER.
2019-2020 Studio assistant/ Esther Stocker, Vienna, AUT.
2022 Project assistent/ David Reumuller, Vienna, AUT.
Project assistent / Esther Stocker, Vienna, AUT.

Selected Exhibitions
2023 Solo, It Was A Long Journey Into Darkness, @sp ce, Kiel, GER.
2022 Unseen Sights @ Gottrecorder, Graz, AUT.
ARTSTADT Festival Hamburg, GER.
2021 From Structure To Survace, @Galerie Grill, Graz, AUT.
Female Invasion, @Umraum, Kiel, GER.
Solo, @Galerie Rainer Grøschl, Kiel, GER.
2020 Structure as Hell, @est_projects & random events, Vienna, AUT.
2019 Art Award Junger Westen 2019, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, GER.
Gottfried Brockmann Art Award 2019, Stadtgalerie Kiel, GER.
NEW, @est_projects, Vienna, AUT.
2018 Konterkariert, @Galerie Foe, Munich, GER.
Solo, ALPHA CENTAURI, Kunstraum B, Kiel, GER.
2017 Kiel Holen, Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, GER.
Schwarze Piste# 5,Haverkamp 31 e.V., Münster, GER.

Yelumis (2023). Acryl on cotton 300cm x 450cm. Exhibition view, A Long Journey Into Darkness 2023 @Sp_ce in Kiel, GER.
Garden (2023). Acryl on cotton 190cm x 170cm
Let´s Go To Sleep (2023). Acryl on cotton 150cm x 150cm