Drozd, Luke

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Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 17. september 2022 --

Luke Drozd is an artist and cultural producer originally from the UK. His work explores historical, folkloric and speculative narratives through collage, collecting and collaborative improvisation. The results are multi-disciplinary artistic works including sculpture, print, performance and sound. He also produces audio works under the moniker of Misery Bacon, and as one half of the spoken-weird duo Reet Maff’l alongside artist/musician Andy Abbott. He is the host of the cross-genre radio show Thunks and Thuds on Bergen's Vers Libre and currently co-runs the experimental cassette label Bloxham Tapes.

Isotop, Magnus Barfots gate 25
5015 Bergen

Telefon: 6119127
E-postadresse: lukedrozd@hotmail.com
Web: http://lukedrozd.com


2009 MAFA, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK
2008 Post-Graduate Diploma (Distinction), Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK
2000-03 BA (Hons) 2.1 in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK

2022 : Creativity at the End of Time (The Plague Raves) - Bergen Kjøtt (Nov 2022)

2021 : Unofficial Histories Vol 1: Bergenhus festning - commissioned by HKS
2020 : Teeth Meat sound commission and audio cassette released on Sensory Leakage
: Can You Make The Band Name Bigger? - USF Visningsrommet, Bergen, Norway
2017 : Can You Make The Band Name Bigger? - Pem People, London, UK
2016 : WIMS – Homesession, Barcelona, Spain
2014 : Bag Juice, Juicy Juice – 38b Peckham Rye, London
2013 : DITCH THE EGGS! She Screamed – BasementArtsProject, Leeds, UK
2012 : Everything Is Present Tense – York College Gallery, York, UK
2011 : This, That, The Other – Subwalk, Arnhem, The Netherlands
: Trust The Punctum - The Frontroom, Cambridge, UK

2022 : Bergen Art Book Fair - Bergen, Norway
2020 : Seance for Bergen - Sound commission - MAEKUR broadcast for Landmark, Bergen
: Brass Neck Evocation - Reet Maff’l radio work for RUMMUR_radio, Bergen, Norway
2019 : The Cabattoir – Solstice Night Cabaret, Bradford, UK (As Reet Maff’l)
: Calavera Literaria - Reet Maff'l Residency and performace, Convivio, Oaxaca, Mexico
2018 : Reet Maff’l Introduction To The (Your) Mind – 38B, London, UK (as Reet Maff’l)
2016 : Word Gulch - commissioned performance for Bedwyr Williams exhibition “Gulch”,
Barbican, London, UK (as Reet Maff’l)
: Yorktopia 2026 – Vespertine, York, UK
: Silk Mill makers event – Reet Maff'l performance, Silk Mill Museum, Derby, UK
2015 : Screenadelica – Screen print exhibition at NOS Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal
: Flatstock Poster Convention – SXSW 2015, Austin, Texas, USA
2014 : A Union of Voices – Horatio Jr, London, UK
: Institute of Dark Matter – Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, UK
2013 : Place of Work – East Street Arts, London, UK
: Uncle Vern’s Dog – Gallery North, Northumbria, UK
2012 : Wife Drawing 2: Still Wife – Art Licks magazine launch, ICA, London, UK
: Ink & Paper – The Rag Factory, London, UK
2011 : 100 Years – T.H.I.S (Tottenham Hale International Studios, London, UK)
: Next To Nothing - +44 141, Glasgow and The Light, Leeds, UK (as part of Black Dogs)
: Matt Roberts Art Prize – Vyner street, London Poster Fo’ Sho’ – Five Years, London, UK
2010 : MK2:Morrow – MK Gallery, Milton Keynes (as part of Black Dogs), UK
: Crash Open – Charlie Dutton Gallery, London, UK
: No Soul For Sale – Tate Modern (as part of Black Dogs), London, UK
: The Jerwood Drawing Prize (shortlisted finalist) - Jerwood Space, London, UK

Stanley Picker Charitable Trust Scholarship 2008-09

2022 : Sound art residencies - BEK, Bergen, Norway (March 2022)
2022 : Kiosken Residency - Bergen, Norway (Feb 2022)
2020 : Guest studio residency, USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway
2019 : Convivio production residency, Oaxaca, Mexico (with Reet Maff’l)
2016 : Homesession, Barcelona, Spain

Still from 'I Am Not a Collector (Collections and the Thingness of Stuff)', film 2022
Performance of 'Unofficial Histories - Vol 1 av Reet Maff'l', 2022. Photo: Hordaland Kunstsenter
Performance at Kiosken, Bergen of live version of 'I Am Not a Collector (Collections and the Thingness of Stuff)', 2022. Photo: Johanne Karlsrud
'When the Going Gets Weird' screen print, 2020