Clare, Eleanor

performance, musikk, tegning, tekst

Artist statement

2019 åpent atelier søndag

I desire the thrill of connection with an audience: the prickly static that is almost perceptible, but may simply have been a figment of the imagination. Like a magician, the performer conjures up an atmosphere from still air; and across that still air, communicates with every member of the audience.

I create work for particular spaces, focusing awareness on physical presence and atmosphere. My performances and installations explore the emotional possibilities of voice and song, whilst embracing visual theatricality, costume and choreography. I am inspired by literary sources, folklore and mythology; I play with language in lyrics; I publish text to create a narrative framework that exists after the performance or installation is over.

Damsgårdsveien 229
5160 Laksevåg



Soloutstillinger: Through the Gabbling Gateway, BOA Galleri (2017), BLOKK Presentere: Eleanor Clare & Louise Viend Nielsen, Torvsalen, Gamle Bergen (2016), I Am Still Within You, Bergen Arkitekt Skole (2013); i samarbeid med Dillan Marsh: Adventure Island, Archipelago, Hordaland Kunstsenter (2016), Partly Now, Partly Remembered, Parabol, Stiftelsen 3,14 (2016), The Travels of the Toucher, Assembly House Leeds (2015), Two Poke Holes & The Art of the Toucher, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2015).

Gruppeutstillinger (nylig): PALS Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm (2015), PAB Nå, Stiftelsen 3,14 (2015), Fama/Fame, ASC Gallery, London (2015), GHostings, Platform Theatre, London (2014), Prøverommet, Bergen Kjøtt (2014), Sommerutstilling, Radøy Kunstsenter (2014), Dynamiske Konstanter, Den Gamle Fabrikken, Ytre Arna (2014), Nothing About Trees, The Old Bomb Factory, London (2013), PAB Open, Bergen Gamle Kretsfengsel (2013).

Utdanning: MA Fine Art with Distinction, Central Saint Martins, London (2011), BA Fine Art, University of the West of England, Bristol (2003), BA English & History of Art Joint Hons, University of Nottingham (2000).

Through the Gabbling Gateway (2017) collaboration with Dillan Marsh, BOA Galleri
Through the Gabbling Gateway (2017) collaboration with Dillan Marsh, BOA Galleri
Din Søte Forening å Smake (2016), performance at Torvsalen, Gamle Bergen, arranged by BLOKK
Phoenix: Raising/Razing (2014) acrylic on paper, process drawing for a performance