Clare, Eleanor

performance, musikk, tegning, tekst

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 18. september 2022 --

Eleanor Clare and Dillan Marsh began collaborating in 2013, exploring how the more reflective nature of writing is interwoven with the driving force of art making.

Although many of our methods are crude and hasty, revealing the process of making, we aim to offer entrance into a fictional environment. The viewer can choose to suspend their disbelief (or not) and imaginatively engage in the possibilities of the scenario that we put before them. We believe that the importance of this is to playfully open up questions about the fundamental importance of the creative drive, its connection to nature and our own human condition.

Throughout our collaboration, there has been a constant fascination with the concept of portals – of finding passageway from one state of being to another, particularly with regard to liberating the creative drive. We are trying to capture something of the sensation of this – of accepting that creation and destruction are part of a natural cycle, and of giving ourselves up to this as we become immersed in the creative process.

Damsgårdsveien 229
5160 Laksevåg



Visus Tactus Gustus, Hordaland Kunstsenter (2021) The Poacher's Lament & Other Half Heard Tales, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2019) The Poacher's Dream, Visningsrommet USF (2018) Fumbling at the Firmament, Galleria Adiecenze, Bologna (2018) Through the Gabbling Gateway, BOA Galleri (2017), BLOKK Presentere: Eleanor Clare &; Louise Viend Nielsen, Torvsalen, Gamle Bergen (2016), I Am Still Within You, Bergen Arkitekt Skole (2013); Adventure Island, Archipelago, Hordaland Kunstsenter (2016), Partly Now, Partly Remembered, Parabol, Stiftelsen 3,14 (2016), The Travels of the Toucher, Assembly House Leeds (2015), Two Poke Holes & The Art of the Toucher, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2015).

Gruppeutstillinger (nylig): PALS Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm (2015), PAB Nå, Stiftelsen 3,14 (2015), Fama/Fame, ASC Gallery, London (2015), GHostings, Platform Theatre, London (2014), Prøverommet, Bergen Kjøtt (2014), Sommerutstilling, Radøy Kunstsenter (2014), Dynamiske Konstanter, Den Gamle Fabrikken, Ytre Arna (2014), Nothing About Trees, The Old Bomb Factory, London (2013), PAB Open, Bergen Gamle Kretsfengsel (2013).

Utdanning: MA Fine Art with Distinction, Central Saint Martins, London (2011), BA Fine Art, University of the West of England, Bristol (2003), BA English & History of Art Joint Hons, University of Nottingham (2000).

The Watchers, Finse, 2018
The Poacher's Lament & Other Half Heard Tales, procession with live GPS triggered audio
The Poacher's Dream, installation view - speaker effigies
The Poacher's Dream - installation view