Brzeski, Samuel

Text, video, performance, installation, sound, voice, writing

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier lørdag 26. september 2020 --

My predominantly text-based practice concerns the exploration of different modes and acts of reading. I am searching for different ways in which I can find a body for text. I do this through creating collective and controlled experiences of reading through performative video installations, durational vocal performances, works in sound, and the printed publication format. The works address instances of textual information overload, the empathetic potential of poetry, the temporality of the spoken word, and the interplay between text and music.

Key to the work is how different speeds of reading effect the process of cognition and the weight of understanding. These different speeds can be used to elaborate upon the shift in the perception of time that has been brought about by the accelerations of contemporary culture. In relation to this, underlying the work is an awareness of the emotional impacts of digital culture, and how those impacts are manifested through language.

The texts that I work from are sourced from a variety of origins, including classical and contemporary poetry and literature, internet help forums, video game narratives, cultural and theory and philosophy, heavy metal lyrics, and original writings of my own. I like to test different experiences of reading, of narrative, and of language — often to exhaustion. These tests result in instances of insistent repetition, instances which form an important rhythmic structure to the works. I employ this rhythmic, meditative approach to foster an atmosphere of presence and concentration, an atmosphere that is also subjected to interruption and destruction.

I also co-run the Bergen based writing focused art collective TEXSTgroup. TEXSTgroup run performative workshops in reading and writing and also release publications under TEXSTpress.

Georgernes Verft 12, studio 337
5011 Bergen




2019 The Mountain School of Arts, Los Angeles, US
2016-18 Bergen Art Academy, M.A. Fine Art, Bergen, NO
2006-09 University of Sheffield, B.A. English Literature, Sheffield, UK


2021 (upcoming) Counternarratives, Galleri KRAFT, Bergen, NO
2019 Protest of the physical, Galleri Slakt, Bergen, NO
2018 The density of bone in my brow, Galleri Kronborg, Bergen, NO
2018 Within our own skins, Rom 8, Bergen, NO
2017 Miserable, I hope you do too Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, NO
2017 Wait, Galerie 207, Prague, CZ
2017 Walking Hitting Dragging Singing Walking Holding, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, NO
2015 The Materiality of Ruin Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, DE


2020 (upcoming) Death Rattle, (with Kim Hankyul), USF Visningrommet, Bergen, NO
2020 (upcoming) Time Crisis Conference, (with Robin Everett), Isotop, Bergen, NO
2019 Great socks, bad vibes (with Laurie Lax), Rom 61, Bergen, NO
2018 Words which touch each other in strange places (with Laurie Lax), Joy Forum, Bergen, NO


2020 (upcoming) Returning to Actuality, BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, Bergen, NO
2019 Actually the Dead Are Not Dead, (as TEXSTgroup), Bergen Assembly, Bergen, NO
2019 Blue rinse, (with Kim Hankyul), Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO
2019 Nice question, Fridaymilk / Lofoten International Art Festival, online exhibition, WWW
2019 Rewired, Digital Narrative Networks Conference, University of Bergen, NO
2019 Very Large Works, The Wrong Biennial 2019, online exhibition, WWW
2019 Bergen Art Book Fair, (as TEXSTgroup), Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, NO
2019 Performance Art Bergen Festival 2019, Hotel Terminus, Bergen, NO
2019 New York Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, New York, USA
2019 You live here long enough everything becomes a story, Tag Team, Bergen, NO
2019 Survival kit, BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, Bergen, NO
2019 Radio Space, Borealis Festival for experimental music, Bergen, NO
2018 Waiting for the Sun, Black Box Theatre, Oslo, NO
2018 Å Rydde Opp I Gamle Synder, Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen, NO
2018 TEXST #2, KMD Library, Bergen, NO
2018 Friday the 13th, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, NO
2018 Utspill, Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen, NO
2017 Performance Art Bergen Festival 2017, Rom 8 and Vaskerelven, Bergen, NO
2017 Notes on Nothing, Galleri KRAFT, Bergen, NO
2017 Constellations, Lumen Studios, London, UK
2017 Vooks are Stupid! In the Library, KHiB library, Bergen, NO
2017 FC#1, FC#2 & FC#3 Galleri KRAFT, Rom 8 and BLOKK, Bergen, NO
2017 Ultimo Scenario, Haukeland Barneklinikken, Bergen, NO
2016 Cake, The Icing Room, London, UK
2016 0 or 1, Hive Dalston, London, UK
2016 Of Stones and Stars, Print House Gallery, Dalston, London, UK
2016 Homonculus, Asylum, London, UK
2016 La Luce delle Stelle, St Pancras Crypt Gallery, London, UK
2015 Refit, The Rag Factory, London, UK
2015 Lumen, Chiesa San Francesco, Atina, IT
2015 The Fall of Rebel Angels, Gallery 1610, Venice, IT
2015 Pop up, Fuck off, Broadway Studios, London, UK
2015 The Misplaced Museum, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK
2015 Koekje, Broadway Studios, London, UK


2020 (upcoming) PHYSICAL, solo artist book, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2020 (upcoming) Seems to me, solo artist book, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2020 (upcoming) The body of the text, multi-modal essay in academic journal, The Digital Review, Chicago, US
2020 (upcoming) Apprentice Poetry Anthology, selected texts in a poetry anthology, SPAM press, Glasgow, UK
2020 (upcoming) Bibliotek Nordica, essay as part of series on artist publications, Codex Polaris, Bergen, NO
2020 (upcoming) MISERABLE, solo artist book, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2019 I laugh while crying. And I barely cry. What’s wrong with me?, solo artist book, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2019 speakerspeaker two: collectivity, essay in journal on sound and the voice, Bergen, NO
2019 The density of bone in my brow, solo artist book, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2018 TEXST #2, editor and feature in journal of text-based work, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2018 Kneading Bread with Broken Knuckles, solo artist book, independently published, Bergen, NO
2017 Vooks are Stupid!, collaborative publication as TEXSTgroup, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2017 TEXST #1, feature in journal of text-based work, TEXSTpress, Bergen, NO
2015 The Materiality of Ruin, solo residency publication, Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, DE


2020 (upcoming) SÍM Residency, two months, Seljavegur / Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavík, IS
2020 (upcoming) Writer in residence, full year, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO
2019-20 (in progress) Returning to Actuality, multiple instances, BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, Bergen, NO
2019 Speculative Documentation Lab, one week, Fridaymilk / Lofoten International Art Festival, Lofoten, NO
2019 Future DiverCities Lab, one week, BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, Bergen, NO
2018 Stiwdio Maelor Residency, three weeks, Corris, UK
2016 Mustarinda, residency two months, Hyrynsalmi, FI
2015 Lumen Studios, Residency one month, Atina, IT
2015 Lichtenberg Studios, Residency six weeks, Berlin, DE

Great socks, bad vibes, 2019, installation view, Rom 61, Bergen WORKS - 'Has anyone ever cried anything other than tears?' (three screen video and sound installation, 11mins 54 secs) and 'I just can't' (single channel video installation 30mins 52 secs)
'Protest of the physical', 2019, 4hr vocal performance, SLAKT galleri, Bergen
'Freshly cut glass', 2018, installation view, Bergen Kunsthall (eight channel video installation with sound, duration variable)
'Until my tongue stiffens', 2019, collaboration with Kim Hankyul, Lydgalleriet, Bergen (performance,25mins)