Brafield, Stacy

Installation, performance, text

Artist statement

Åpent atelier lørdag 27. april

Stacy Brafield is an artist, writer and educator, (b.1987) in Suffolk, raised in the Lakes District, UK and is based in Bergen, Norway. A graduate from MA Fine Arts at Bergen Academy of Art in 2014. Within her practice Brafield builds communities, thinking platforms, laboratories for dialogue and experimentation. Since 2013, Brafield has been working together with Amber Ablett as TASC Ablett & Brafield, developing a shared practice investigating social behaviours in spaces, conversation-as-art and ideas of attention through performance and framework based art works. TASC hosted TASC Studio Kitchen at Hordaland Kunstsenter between 2016-2018 and have exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently at Heimdal Kunstforening, Lattitude in New Delhi and at The Royal Standard, Liverpool. Brafield has recently exhibited at Tagteam in collaboration with Projektrom C4, USF Visningsrommet and is currently working with education and mediation for The Bergen Assembly.

C. Sundts gate 55
5004 Bergen



Stacy Brafield (b.1987)
Member of UKS, BKFH, NBK

2017-2018 KMD, University of Bergen, Praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning
2012-2014, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, Master in Fine Arts
Nov 2013, Jutland Art Academy, Under Cover: Masquerade and the Construction of Meaning
2007-2010, Manchester School of Art, BA(Hons) Embroidery
2009, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, Visiting student


Solo exhibition, Bergen Kjøtt

On the contrary, Tag Team & Prosjektrom C4
Two parts of the same, Heimdal Kunstforening
The work, Norden til bergen, B-Open (TASC)

Now that I have been here a while, with Sara Plantèfeve-Castryck, USF
Hildelund Kunstfestival, with Lona Hansen
TASC Studio Kitchen, Hordaland Kunstsenter (TASC)
Form.Class, Bergen
G/rove, Latitude 28, New Delhi (TASC)

The Greenhouse Project, Bergen
Where we connect with Lisa Colette Bysheim, Dans et Sted, (TASC)
I repeated; I heard; they spoke, Christinesgård, Flaggfrabbiken AiR (TASC)
I´ve got a question…, PARK(ing) DAY, Hordaland Kunstsenter (TASC)
Infrastructure Summit, Freethought, Bergen Assembly, USF, Bergen (TASC)
FOODSketz, TASC Studio Kitchen, Hordaland Kunstsenter (TASC)
Freethought invites… Andy Merrifield; The Amateur of life, HKS (TASC)
In search of ‘we’, workshop with KHiB MA Curating, Bergen
I know, right (listening), TASC Studio Kitchen, Bergen (TASC)
I quite like bouncing, B-Open, Landmark, Bergen (TASC)
TASC CHIPPY, BAS Library, BAS, Bergen (TASC)
Juggler, PAGE 2, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
Freethought invites…Tom McCarthy, Bergen Assembly, HKS (TASC)

Freethought invites… On Radical Hospitality, Bergen Assembly HKS (TASC)
A permanent state of becoming, Archipelago, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Kraft (TASC)
Dare to speak, Clam Jam, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (TASC)
When something fails DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT? Kraft, Bergen (TASC)
I am just waiting (elasticity of time), Imagining Commons, Volt, Bergen (TASC)
I know, right?, which is a way of saying: a word was removed, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (TASC)
Thank you jesus for giving us this holiday, Bergen
IN RESIDENCY program, Bergen & Stavanger
Open forum, Kunstnerneshus, Oslo (TASC)
ROOMART Space, London (TASC)
Lumpy Gravy, Klub Kok
Bjørn-Henrik Lybeck and Tora Bjørkheim, Entrée, Bergen (TASC)

Can you taste it?, Vulpes Vulpes, London (TASC)
Greener Innercity, City Hall, Bergen
How do we talk about, Occasions Festival, Newcastle
An Irish Lime, Bergen Kunsthall, (TASC)
I´ve been told to come here, The Master Exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall
The Blank Page, Bergen (TASC)
Burns Night Special, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen (TASC)

After School Special, Bergen Kunsthall (with Amber Ablett)
The Manhatten Syndrome, Rom8, Bergen

3300m, MA Weekend, Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen (with Lona Hansen)
Aurora, COLLECT, The Saatchi Gallery, London
Intertwined, The Thrane Gard Gallery, Stavanger

Brief Encounter, The National centre of Craft and Design, Sleaford
Parallax Art Fair, Pall Mall, London

You´ve got two weeks notice, Winter Warmth, The Park Gallery, Falkirk
Dette er kunst fa faen, Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester
Quarter Final, Pathways, The Merz Barn, Elterwater
Aladdin, Beachcroft Lawyer’s Commission, Manchester

Rugmark, 100% Design, Earls Court, London
Tipdown-Upcycle, Kendal Calling, Penrith

Projektstøtte, Bergen Kommune
International support fund, OCA (TASC)
Internasjonal kunst- og kulturutveksling, Bergen Kommune (TASC)

Internasjonal kunst- og kulturutveksling, Bergen Kommune (TASC)

Etableringsstipend, Bergen Kommune
Internasjonal kunst- og kulturutveksling, Bergen Kommune (TASC)
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfonds prosjektstøtte, NBK
BKV ettårig stipend, Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond, NBK

Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, Norway
Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet, Grant

Your friend is invited to, Halka Arts, Istanbul (TASC)
Artists Residency, Bragginn, Iceland (TASC)

2016 Numer, Interview with Sturla Heggdalsvik
2016 Page 2, curated by Sif Ankergard
2012 Hand Stitch Perspectives, Alice Kettle and Jayne McKeating
2010 Blueprint Architecture and Design Magazine, Degree Shows, pg 39.
2010 Beachcroft, Art Exhibition Manchester, pg 35.

Relevant Work
Education and mediation team, Bergen Assembly
Board member, Hordaland Kunstsenter
Nomination board, UKS

Voice for Tuesday morning, sychronocity by Gitte Sætre & Frans Jacobi
Familiar things workshop, Kunstklubben, Vaksdal Kommune
Performative reading, Ane Hjort Guttu & Rike Frank: Writings, conversations, scripts book launch, Bergen Kunsthall
Cook for Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Bergen (TASC)

Cook for Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Bergen (TASC)

Voice for Helle Lindskog
Voice for Guided Meditation by Daniel Slåttnes
Cook for Borealis Contemporary Music Festival, Bergen (TASC)

Cook for EKKO Festival, Bergen
Self presentation to the performance gang, KhiB, Bergen
Mobile Autonomy, Summer School, Lokaal01, Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp
Voice for Herfra by Apichaya Wanthiang
Voice for IS SLOTTET by Georgia Rodger

Director of Galleri Fisk, Bergen

Volunteer at B-Open, Bergen

Volunteer auctioneer at The Drawing Room, London
Gallery Assistant Internship, Jerwood Visual Arts, London

Assistant to Steve Messam, North Pennines Publicity for Embroidery Degree Show, Manchester
Volunteer assistant, Venture Arts drawing workshop, Manchester
Drawing workshop for Embroidery students, Manchester

*TASC Ablett & Brafield is a collaborative project with artist Amber Ablett

On the contrary, Tagteam/ Prosjektrom C4, 2018
Dare to speak, TASC Ablett & Brafield, The Royal Standard, 2015
3300m, with Lona Hansen, Hordaland Kunstsenter, 2012
A permanent state of becoming, Archipelago, Hordaland Kunstsenter, 2015