Bjørnseth, Ingrid

Visual Art

Artist statement

-- Åpent atelier søndag 26. september 2021 --

Ingrid Bjørnseth is a visual artist, living in Bergen. She graduated with an MFA from the (KMD), University of Bergen, in 2017. Ingrid's work is inspired by the sites and poetic name giving to colors -industrial house paint. How colors affect. At times the work can be perceived as invisible, unseen, unnoticed, until it’s discovered that it is.

Lien 79
5057 Bergen





2015- 17 M. F. A. Bergen Academy of Art and Design
2012- 15 B. F. A. Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts
2014 The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm
2014 Konstfack (Fine Art), Stockholm
2010- 12 Kunstskolen i Bergen, Art Foundation, Norway


2018 SLAKT Galleri, Solo Exhibition | Bergen NO
2018 Residency at Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift | Hamburg DE


2018 USF Verfte, Exhibition with Aski Dahl and Vilde Blom NO
2017 Urwind Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift | DE
2017 After School Special - Landmark NO
2017 TRIAGE, Master exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall NO
2016 RIFT, Bergen Academy of Art and Design 1 MA show
2015 AnExhibition, Bergen Academy of Art and Design
2015 ART IN URBAN CONTEXT Group exhibition NO
2015 BFA Graduation show DORA (Academy of fine art) Trondheim
2014 Dynamiske konstanter Group exhibition-Bergen
2014 Hardbakka Dissensus workshop-exhibition-Bergen
2014 Between This Wish And That Wish Group exhibition-Stockholm
2013 Hardbakka Ruins Workshop & Group exhibition-Bergen
2013 SENSES Art and common space project/intervention-Trondheim
2013 Keep it together Group Exhibition Gallery KIT-Trondheim
2013 Anarchive Group Exhibition Gallery KIT-Trondheim

The map is not the territory - 2017 Vorwerk-Stift Hamburg (DE)
Do Walls Blush - 2017 Bergen Kunsthall (NO)
The map is not the territory part 2 2017 Vorwerk-Stift Hamburg (DE)
EXIT and Entrance- 2015 (NO)